Dual citizenship

Hello I need some answers for dual citizenship question. I hope some of you have same background like me and can help me out here. I was born in USA so therefore I am US citizen. But now I gonna work in Taiwan probably for good so I would need to apply for citizenship in Taiwan. I think I need to apply for tw passport first then stay in Taiwan for at least one year to have citizenship there? How about the military service I am now 25. I heard every 4 month you can leave and won’t have to do the service? but if you leave every 4 month and after a year does that qualify as stayed in taiwan for a year and you can get citizenship already? or you can’t leave country at all to get the citizenship? I am kinda confused here if anyone can give detail answer I would be really grateful…thanks :slight_smile:

This issue has been covered at length in the Legal section. Try searching.

where’s it at can’t find it

Click on search, type in “dual citizenship” and browse the results.

nope they aren’t really related to my questions. :imp:

There have been many posts over the years, for example:

segue.com.tw/viewtopic.php?t=392 … itizenship

for gettin an I.D. you have to stay and remain in the country for a year. after the year duration you are elligable to apply for the I.D. but getttin drafted or not, i am not sure. but if u do get any suggestion about that please can you refer it.

Please state your situation more clearly. What is the nationality of your parents? Where were you born? What is your race? At what age did you go to the USA?