Dual Citizenship?

I’m currently considering trying to apply for dual citizenship. My parents are Dual Taiwanese/American citizens, with my father residing in Taiwan half the year. I am currently 19, however I will be turning 20 in late September (so technically still a minor?). Born and raised in America.

I’m currently in Taiwan, but returning to America next week. I’m pretty much planning on rushing over to TECO the minute I get back and submitting paperwork for an overseas Chinese passport. As far as I’m able to tell, the standard procedure for getting an ID # after getting a passport is: Move to Taiwan for a Year on Passport ====> HR after a year ====> ID #.

So here’s my actual question. I’m not sure if my birth has actually been registered in Taiwan, however, I remember my mother mentioning before that I had already been registered under one of my relative’s HR. If I haven’t, it would be pretty easy to get me registered under one of our existing registries. Considering this, would I still need to wait a year to get an ID # if I’m already registered under a household?

I’m hoping to rush and get this all done before I turn 20 so I can still be counted as a minor, though it doesn’t sound quite feasible at the moment…

I am not sure but I guess you might still want to renounce your US citizenship. Forumosa’s “@Satellite_TV” is a much better resource than I am for this type of question and I am sure he will chime in.

Ah, another thing I forgot to note. I’m not really willing to give up my American citizenship in lieu of Taiwanese citizenship. Is this possible? I’ve been getting mixed signals on the board… (some are saying it’s possible to have both, while others are saying that one has to give up American citizenship)

So, your parents are both Taiwan born and raised, and citizens? And ethnically Han Chinese? Then you may be able to get dual citizenship, so I have heard.

It’s another story for us who do not have ancestral roots in Taiwan. Or those of us who are of the “wrong” racial stock (e.g. white or black). We definitely have to give up our citizenship to become ROC citizens.

Do inquire at TECO.

I am holding a taiwan passport but is a native born in the Philippines and has a permanent visa. Is it possible that i get a dual citizenship in the philippines since my father is a naturalized filipino citizen? Hope to get some answers