Dual Citizenship

Im a filipino born in the philippines and my father is a taiwan citizen…im already 21 yrs old and I only have philippine passport…

can i apply for a citizenship without joining the military?

and what is the easiest way to become a citizen? do i need to invest money in taiwan?

thanks in advance…


somebody check if im wrong

i can already get passport “national” only, because my father is a citizen in taiwan

and i need to get an overseas chinese stamp before going to taiwan

i need to use my taiwan passport and stay here for 1 whole year or 270 days each for 2 years and im now a citizen??

am i correct?

and how about the military service? I fall under the 6 month rule but when applying for a citizenship i need to stay for a whole year, will that violate the 6 month rule?

please help =(

I address only your concerns about military service. You will no douibt end up on Kinmen Island, completely devoid of female companionship. The up side is that your English ability puts you head and shoulders above your commanding officers. The respect will not be obvious but you will be treated with much more respect than he average grunt,
I wouldn’t worry about the military aspect. I will leave the balance of your inguiry to others who have more knowledge in that regard.