Dual Nationality and Marriage

I have been married for 5 years. My wife is coming to Taiwan to work, she is American. I would like to know the procedure to apply a work permit for her, ARC? What should I get? Which are the requirements? I am Taiwanese with a dual nationality and got married with my American, are procedures the same? As far as I know, I am not married in Taiwan??!!

Can my son apply for a dual nationality, he will probably join us in a while. He has got an american nationality.

Thanks for any information!

Do you have a Taiwan I.D. card?

Yes I do.

The procedures for getting an ARC have been outlined in many threads on the ORIENTED Legal Matters and Human Rights Forums.

Or you can go to the website of the National Network of Foreign Spouses at
for more information.

The basic hurdles your American wife will encounter for getting a Joining Family Resident Visa based on marriage to an ROC national are the proof of marriage registration in the foreign spouse’s home country and the CCRD. From the tone of your inquiry, I assume that you were married in the USA. Hence, you need to get the marriage documents certified at the nearest ROC Overseas Office. You should obtain your wife’s Clean Criminal Record Documentation from your local police authority, then also have it certified at the nearest ROC Overseas Office. The Taiwan authorities consider a CCRD to have three months validity.

The other requirements may be dealt with easily enough after you arrive in Taiwan.

After obtaining the JFRV, your wife should apply for an Alien Resident Certificate at the Foreign Affairs Department of the Police Station in the area where you reside.

After obtaining the ARC, she can apply with the Council of Labor Affairs for unrestricted work rights to work in the ROC area, a so-called “Open Work Permit.” Issuing time is one to two weeks.

If your son was born in the USA, he should apply for an ROC passport at the nearest ROC Overseas Office in the USA. He should then use that passport to come to Taiwan. I assume that your son is under the age of 12. After arrival in Taiwan, he can apply for household registration. The process for him (coming in from overseas) begins at the Bureau of Entry and Exit on Gwangchow St. in Taipei.