Duck Vs. Bull *update in first post* NEW!

Ducati 999 Vs. Lambo Gallardo

answer this before you watch:: who do u think wins??

as with the 999 Vs. Gallardo… first, who do u think wins?

Challenge: K1200R Vs. AC Schnitzer V8 Z4
Track: Nurburgring (spelling?)

Nice vid! Seen it before but not sure if it was on here. Cheers

Truly outstanding video… :bravo: :bravo: :bravo:

The shots of the Lambo drifting…awwesome!

And the Lambo superimposed with the Ducati are exceptional…

Great one…Thanks for posting this… :bravo:

I still hate that host though…just too cocky sounding!

What do you mean “too cocky” thats because he’s f**king quick… That video is from the UK show Fifth Gear, kind of parallel show to Top Gear… The host’s name is Timothy “Tiff” Needell he’s an ex British F1 and Formula 3 race driver and boy can he drive, he rocks… and if I were as quick as he is I’d sound twice as cocky…

He sure isn’t my hero…he may have the street cred but he still talks like a dick!

you Canadians don’t understand British culture… :laughing: :sunglasses:

correction please: “French Canadian”…Thanks. I wouldn’t want to upset any of the other Canadians on here! :wink:

excellent video!

It good to hear the old british accent every now and again.

bumpy bumpy… updated

Obviously none of the drivers/riders in those videos have ever come up against this man in this car:

Can’t touch this.

The second one is quite cool…only of they didn’t use the car’s sound when cutting to the bike…