Seriously? Perhaps the Carrefours are area specific, then.

Both the Carrefours near me have ducks. The ducks are skinny little things that all look the same. If I remember correctly they are 215NTD each.

Are you sure you’ve never seen them for sale?[/quote]

Why would I lie? :s In the time it took for me to become completely disenchanted with Carrefours’ meat offerings, I didn’t see one. Maybe they’re only in the frozen section? I don’t often buy frozen meat. My husband’s a big duck lover (read that however you please) so it isn’t as though we haven’t actively sought it, but we don’t tend to shop in traditional markets as we’ve never lived near one. We got something that may once have been a duck in a former life last week in our integral Wellcome, and that was the first we’d ever seen. Cross my heart and hope to die. :smiley:[/quote]

Of course I don’t think you are telling fibs. I think that you are mistaken.

Next time you are in your local Carrefour walk down the meat counter. I have a strong feeling that you will find small ducks priced at 215NTD each. I’m not sure why Carrefour would only choose some branches to sell ducks. Either way, if the branch you go to doesn’t sell them try another. The Carrefour ducks are crap, though. Markets are the place to go to for decent poultry. I can get quails, too :lick:[/quote]

It sounds like we’ve been missing them all this time. But if they’re crap we won’t bother. We gave up on the rest of Carrefours’ meat a long time ago. Quails sound good for Christmas.


It sounds like we’ve been missing them all this time.[/quote]

They are very easy to miss. They’re about half the size of a normal duck.