Duelfer proves it: Bush justified in Iraq

Some very interesting excerts, completely in context, from an article in the Yale Daily News. Published Tuesday, October 12, 2004.

“The reality presented by the Duelfer report is that Saddam Hussein was working to undermine the regime of sanctions, had the clear intent to develop weapons of mass destruction, and remained a great threat to the United States during his supposed “containment.” Duelfer describes a situation where “prohibited goods and weapons were being shipped into Iraq with virtually no problem”: Sanctions had failed to neutralize Hussein, and any diplomatic resolution by the international community was tainted by widespread corruption among Iraq, France, Russia and China.”

“The real “coalition of the bribed” was our favorite Security Council triumvirate of France, Russia and China (France clearly being Lepidus within this context), who pushed for the regime of “unjust” sanctions to be lifted. Yet, even though these nations were willing to forgive Hussein in the mid-1990s as he defied the resolutions of the UN, John Kerry believes we could have achieved a global consensus and acted together. John Kerry believes our allies – who, according to the report, treated the Iraqi oil minister like a “rock star” when he visited their capitals – would have been willing to forego billions in special-interest money to put pressure on Saddam to capitulate. The facts presented by Duelfer show an impotent United Nations, a reticent global community and a maniacal dictator in Iraq expanding the scope of his WMD programs.”

There is much more of this tastiness presented. Do read the analysis and enjoy.

Bush screwed up in Iraq