DUI and work visa/residency permit?

I am thinking about getting a Master’s of Arts in Teaching with ESL licensure. I taught in the PRC for one year and would like to teach in Taiwan for a bit. I have a misdemeanor DUI on my record (and, to cut any vitriolic responses off at the pass, let me say it was a very stupid thing to do, I am ashamed of it, I’ll never do it again, I’ve been punished legally and economically and that otherwise I’m an upstanding citizen who is passionate about service and education). Does anyone know if this would prevent from being hired by Taiwanese schools and/or getting a residency permit. Also, since I would have a Masters with US state licensure, I would hope to get a job at a Taiwanese high school. Would that further complicate things? Thanks in advance for any advice.

AFAIK, the government does not require a criminal background check to issue employment based residence visas. I have heard of some individual employers asking for them though.

Is DIU a criminal offence? Its only criminal offences that count against you.

Technically, speeding is a criminal offense…

I am not sure how a DUI would be counted. (In the US) it is criminal and comes with jail time…

What is the latest? Can someone with a DUI still get the required visa, work permit, etc. to teach English and they meet any other requirements? (It’s not me…)

Is a criminal check required?

The “good behavior certificate” requirement is, apparently, now in effect.

Whether or not this makes your friend ineligible, I don’t know.

Depends on the jurisdiction said DUI happened in. Local CBR checks are just that… local.