Duke 390

I just tried one now. Supposedly it has 45 h.p. and weights 135 kg, which is a better power to weight ratio than my Dakar. However, I didn’t like it much… I felt it like a scooter, or even better, like this:

May be I´m getting too used to taller and heavier bikes. I also like better forks with more angle, this one was too straight for my taste…

I’m sure that it can corner quite well… any experiences?

Well, I have check some reports on Internet that low down the HP of the bike to 36 and so:

That explains a little bit how I found it… being 135 kg only, if it had 45 HP as KTM claims, it should have a greater punch… it is a mono, not a 4 cylinders, so my understanding is that you do not need to rev up to 8,000 to getting the best out of the engine.

So nobody has tried it? I’d like to hear opinions…

Husky 401 looks like it’ll be put into production… based on the 390 and quite a good looking machine… motoroids.com/news/ktm-duke- … e-by-2017/

Looks weirdly better xD