Dumb USB question

I’ve searched the web, I’ve checked my device manager, and I’ve asked a techie, who said ‘check your computer system’ :unamused: and I still can’t work it out:

How can I tell if my PC has USB 1.1 or USB 2.0 ports? Or is it a case of ‘if you have to ask, you have 1.1’?

It’s not a dumb question, I can’t figure this out either from the operating system. Or perhaps we are both dumb? :?

I think the best bet would be the hardware description if you have that available …

If you’re running Windoze, try Control Panel->System->Hardware, and look at the devices. Mine specifically says “USB 2.0 Hub” in the list.

If you want to do an empirical test, take a USB flash “disk” – a CF card, keychain thingie, or whatever – and plug it in. Drag some huge file onto it and see how long it takes. My system moved a 128MB file onto the flash card in under 20 seconds. If yours has 1.1, it will take MUCH longer.

Running WinXP and it only says USB Hub or USB Controller (followed by the type).

However when I connect a CD-Writer Windows complained that I was connecting a USB2.0 device to a 1.1 port, so I know my laptop has a USB 1.1 port only (didn’t expect that actually since it isn’t that old …).

Thanks for the help guys. I think you’re right MaPoWhoeverYouAre :slight_smile: - it doesn’t specifically say USB 2.0 so I bet it’s USB 1.1 like Rascal’s. Darn! I’ve been looking into video capture and USB 2.0 would be so much more useful. I only bought this machine last year, but it’s so hard to keep up with technology nowadays… :unamused:

Don’t you have a Firewire (IEEE1394) port? Very tiny connector (squarish with a dent).

I have downloaded all free capture SW there is (due to lack of response in the other thread) and will do some testing during the weekend (DV via Firewire) …

Is that the same as ‘ethernet’ (at the moment my ADSL is using this port)? If not, I don’t believe I do :?

Did you buy new and when did you buy it? If you purchased in the last two years, it’s fairly certain you’ve got USB 2.0.

Also, if you’re interested in video editing, FireWire’s the thang… USB can post high burst throughput speeds, but bottoms out on the sustained read/writes that are required for video.

Yeah you would think any laptop bought last year would have USB2.0 but nope. I have to specifically verify if the laptop had USB2.0 or not. It was a trick buying a laptop here that was an all in one… CD/RW, DVD reader, USB2.0, 1394 port, at least 14" screen…etc. Finally got the Acer531XC.

Back to the topic… you could buy a PC Card (laptop) or PCI Card (desktop) to bring you machine up to USB2.0.

Have only had this laptop since October and mine isn’t USB 2.0 either.

Acer 531XC

Pentium-M 4 1.8Ghz - 512KB L2 cache
265MB DDR266 SDRAM (yeah I know I need to boost it to at least 512MB)
30GB HD (use HD enclosure to add 120GB)
14" XGA TFT - Max Res. 1024x768
USB 2.0 ports - 3
1394 port - 1
MultiCard reader built-in - CF, MMC, SD, SM, MemStick

Standard ports:
Type II (x2) and III (x1) PC card slots
VGA out
S-video out
Audio out
Mic in

The only thing this laptop doesnt have is built-in wireless. But from the specs it could have it. Im betting all I have to do is pop the keyboard and insert the chip. In the meantime Im using the USB wireless from Linksys.

:slight_smile: Was the best all in one option I could find for about 40k. Even gave me optical mouse, optical floppy, and notebook case.

If ya do get a laptop now, get a centrino. If you can afford it that is.

P.S. Let the spec wars begin. :slight_smile:

everythingusb.com/forums/sho … readid=794

i hope this helps!

You can always buy an add-on USB2.0 card. Or Firewire. Or both. Even if you have 1.1 or 1.0 or nothing at all in your machine at present.

Just to give you a starting point – obviously you’re not going to want to buy this from a U.S. merchant:

PCMCIA card (laptops):
newegg.com/app/ViewProductDe … 15-150-016

PCI card (desktops):
newegg.com/app/ViewProductDe … 15-104-205

The dual cards (above) cost about US$50-60, the single cards (pick whichever standard you want) are about US$20-30. If you have a desktop machine with plenty of free PCI slots, I would tend to be conservative about it and get two separate cards, but. . . .