Dumbphone with Google Maps

I’m looking to buy a dumbphone for my teenager that is Google Maps capable. Yes I know I can get him a smart phone and disable the smart features. I’m on the dumbphone sub reddit but none of that info applies to Taiwan. Live sightings and specific info from those who know please.

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I doubt you could get a dumb phone that operates Google Maps. Most of them are limited to very basic features and no APPs.

Not a ‘Dumbphone’ but I recently purchased a Samsung A05 for my son. Was disappointed to learn it doesn’t have a compass, which makes Google Maps a bit harder to operate.

im looking for a dumbphone with WhatsApp or Line, any recommendations ?

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Check out r/dumbphones on reddit. It might be possible to get the Xiao MI F21 / F22 pro here. I’m looking for this too. I want Google Maps and some sort of chat program. LINE support is unlikely but there are many dumbphones sold in the US that will run WhatsApp.

The Cat S22 flip is a transition dumbphone. Not available here that I see.

I see it runs Android Go. So it probably should be considered a smartphone.

You want to buy a dumbphone, but are considering phones from totalitarian state known for extreme levels of surveillance?


Checkout the new old person mode for iPhones

Which is why I won’t end up getting one. Or rather, why my Taiwanese wife won’t allow me to get one :wink: