Dumped doggie *FOUND*a home

This sweet girl was dumped on my mountain this morning. She was hanging around the gate of a security complex…I made eyecontact with her and she started wagging her tail and jumped on my scooter. I asked around and the guards told me she was dumped this morning.

She is extremely sweet and affectionate. She was in my home for 5 minutes before she started resting her head on my knee…playing with the cat etc. She’s great on a leash and loves to run and play.

If you know of anyone that wants a doggie, please let me know. My flatmates are leaving the country for a month, after that I cant keep her.

thank you:)

I’m picking her up from the vet tomorrow…she went in to get neutered. Poor thing…feeling very sorry for herself!

She’s at my house now. YAYYYYYYYYYYYYYY SHE’S HOUSETRAINED!!! She’s pretty good…the house is quiet. She has to be in a small space with my dogs and nothing got torn apart, or chewed on…and she just keeps to herself and sleeps mostly. She does get like a puppy when she’s excited though…the vets say she wont grow much more, but when she gets floppy and playful she reminds me of a pup. Here are some more pics…

she also sits when you ask her to…




She loves other dogs…and has taken a liking to our cat. But the cat doesn’t like her too much!
Here she is playing with my dogs. She’s very loyal…always checks where you are while she is playing. And I went for a jog and she jogged with me…staying right next to me.

I don’t know how that works…posted a video on Photobucket. Here are some videos of her from my facebook group. I dont know if you can watch it…

facebook.com/group.php?gid=2 … 2609323875

facebook.com/group.php?gid=2 … 2609323875

Poor thing. She is probably scared she will be dumped again.

She is actually going to Sean’s home the moment she’s done with quarantine (getting her shots today) because I’m scared that she will get so attached to me this month that it will give her a huge knock when i have to let her go again.

My own dog Deloris never got over this fear…she’s constantly looking for my attention…always pulling her ears back when I look at her. She pees herself if I dont say hi to her when I get home…pees herself and starts clawing at me when I raise my voice at her. Claws at me when I’m watching TV and she wants to be touched…it’s heartbreaking and I’ve had her for more than a year already. When my flatmate left and took the other two dogs with her, her behaviour became even worse. She really acts as if I’m going to dump her at any moment and she’s desperate to show me that she loves me. This is also why I kept her(the original idea was to neuter her and rehome her) it was obvious that if I gave her up she would propably go absolutely nuts.

Because I have two dogs, I always try to stroke them and do everything at the same time. Sambuka can’t be bothered really, but if they are both sitting in front of me and I only touch Sambuka Deloris will lick my hands, try to push her head under my hands…she gets WEIRD…I should film it. Once I felt something in Sambukas fur and I was using both hands to try and figure out what it was and Deloris basically hyperventilated and her eyes went all wierd. It’s SOOOO frustrating!

Nice shiny fur. Looks very sweet and fun to play with. What kind of moron would dump a dog like that?

She is about a year old, but is very active. I got her a bunch of toys to play and chew on…but I think that someone who doesnt understand dogs well might think that she is too much work? She has a lot of energy and I really wish I can find a home for her with a yard, or at least two nice walks per day. She LOVES running…she really is so much fun. My other dog really enjoys her because Sambuka doesnt respond to any kind of normal playful dog behaviour.

She had a VERY narrow escape 2 nights ago. The cat always jumps on the couch , and then sometimes goes out the window when the dogs get too rough. He did this…and in two leaps Rain was on the couch and out the window. It never ever dawned on me that she wouldn’t think before doing something like that. LUCKILY the downstairs neighbors’ bedroom sticks out so she landed on a piece of roof right under the window.


Your two dogs in your avatar seem like they are standing below that window and wondering “what is that wild thing now up again?” Ha ha!

they are SO not happy with me…they keep on looking at me with these eyes going ‘don’t you love us anymore’…
I just remind them that they were rescued too…

Here she is playing and copying Deloris. Her one ear flips over when she runs. She’s such a sweetheart…can’t I trade in my dogs for her? Sambuka always bites me and Deloris always runs away…this one stays right next to me and drops whatever she’s doing when I call her…


She is definitely a lab mix…but she has beautifully developed teeth, so the chances of her growing much more is slim. She is a lot of fun to play with…a ‘real’ dog, like how they were before they were bred into funny shapes and sizes and attitudes.

SHe LOVES playing catch…and she loves running and playing with other dogs. She’s in that phase right now where she just loves everything…even when I was yelling at her for doing something wrong she was looking at me going ‘ooooooooh, thats a new sound…oooh thats loud…sooo if I lick you and jump up and down will it stop?’

more pics of her
she is neutered and got her shots

Oh, my word, what a cutie!
I would love to be able to adopt a dog like that to keep Xien Tsao company during the day, but I just am not in a position to take responsibility for 2 dogs permanently. Plus , there is the barking issue- no barking at all allowed. :frowning:

She’ll find a good home. Lucky whoever gets her!

Rain has found a permanent home:) Thank you so much to AnimalsTaiwan for finding her a family, and thank you to everyone that cared about this little cuuuuuutie. (and Rain of course) :roflmao:

what a lovely dog. I would adopt her if I was in that position. Glad she found a good home