Dvd player

Looking for a cheap dvd player with an Engish remote, any suggestions for where to shop? Looked around a couple of night markets but found nothing. Cheers!

Some decent cheap ones in Carrefour or at the Computer market next to ZhongXiao MRT station. Not sure about the English remote though.

I got a Shinco player, purchased at the Mitsukoshi department store near the main station and it has an English remote and OSD (on-screen display). Test in the shop before taking home though.

Depends on what your definition of cheap is. Most electronic stores (3C, Daichi) will carry inexpensive DVD players for under 5 grand. I know hypermarkets (RT-Mart, Carrierfour) also sell DVD players for like 2-3 grand. If you can read some chinese then another option is buy with Yahoo Bid. Most name brands like Pioneer and Panasonic will have English remotes or OSD options.

Link: tw.bid.yahoo.com/tw/2092075235-c … true&new=0

Thanks! Managed to find one at a shop near my school for a little under 2000 - gave in and settled for a Chinese remote. I did look around the shops by Zhonxiao Xinsheng MRT but it was a mix of computers, phones and cameras, but no DVD players.

Oh. Sorry you couldn’t find any at the computer market by Zhonxiao Xinsheng MRT. I know of a couple of shops you could have gone to. Anyway, glad you got one.