DVD Recorder, zone-free

I would like to buy a DVD player/recorder, but I want one that can play DVDs from all zones. Usually shops will alter the DVD player zones for you if you buy the player from them. At 3C, though, they told me they would alter zones for DVD players, but not for DVD recorders.

Does anyone have recommendations on where to look? Is there a part of Taipei that sells electronic equipment like this. (Would the famed “camera street” sell DVD players?) Also, I am not sure if the people at 3C meant they “couldn’t”
alter DVD recorders, or “wouldn’t.”


What is altering a DVD player? I need a zone -free DVD player as I got tons of region 2 DVD’s.

Just go to Google and search for DVD + region, you will found many sites that tell you how to do this, both for players in your computer and stand alone.


OH :blush: I forgot to google… :notworthy:

Commonly known as “region free DVD”.

I’ve not heard of any recorders coming out region free though.

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