Dvd trade - want pushing tin

Hi there. I’m not even sure if i could or should post this here. Anyways, since i can’t figure out how to log into taiwanted with my forumosa id, i just thought i’d post this here.

I’m looking for an old movie titled “pushing tin” Starring John Cusack, Billy bob thorton, etc etc…
Anyways, anyone who has a dvd copy who wishes to trade, i got season 4 of Nip tuck to trade or name what you want. If i have it, i’ll give it a thought.

Thanks for reading this. Ciao!!

I have that, but its just a VCD. You can have it if you want. It’s pretty good, as a matter of fact.

oh cool how do we do this? i insist on the trade though. i’ll give you the nip/tuck copy of mine for it :wink:.

Well, I’m in Taipei with a big fat heavily pregnant wife, so I’m not sure when I’ll next be in the Chungle, although she in fact comes from Wuqi, so I’m there quite often.
I’ll hold on to the VCD for you until whenever, though. No problem.
If you’re ever up around the “art street” area near Tunghai Uni, I have a friend with a cafe in the area. Maybe we could work something out from that aspect?

cool, i drive to taipei every once in a while so i guess i’ll just PM you the next time i go there :wink:
Thanks again!

You do that, then. If you’re coming up on the #3 freeway, I’m about one minute from the Ankeng intersection. Easy peasy.

so which one would be easier for you? Meet in taichung near tonghai or in taipei. Kinda suffered an injury and couldn’t go out for quite some time :smiley:

IMHO opinion this is the only movie that I find Angelina Jolie attractive.

I don’t find Angelina Jolie attractive in any movie.

Sandman! If you’re handing out DVDs, I have a massive want list!