DVDs with tradional Chinese subtitles?

I’m looking for Pride and Prejudice (傲慢與偏見) and Anne of Green Gables (綠山牆的安妮), in particular. :bow:

An online store would be best, but a bricks and mortar store would be ok, too.

You should be able to find a BBC production of Pride and Prejudice in shops. The Ang Lee version and Anne of Green Gables were out ages ago so you might not be able to find them again. But they were released so might still exist on a dusty shelf somewhere.

aogg.com.tw/product_info.php … ucts_id=28

shopping.pchome.com.tw/?mod=item … -A23392034 <- should be able to find this anywhere

Dat’s Sense and Sensibility, no?

Dat’s Sense and Sensibility, no?[/quote]I dunno, some old book, all the same ain’t they?