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I have the following titles in various formats on my computer. Anybody needs any drop me a line - tmwcan@hotmail.com. If you have any to offer then list them below.

txt, doc - adams, douglas; last chance to see
txt, doc - asimov, isaac; foundation and empire
txt, doc - asimov, isaac; prelude to foundation
txt - asimov, isaac; i, robot
txt - bey, hakim; temporary autonomous zone, the
txt - booth, william; in darkest england
txt - bryson, bill; lost continent, the
doc - burgess, anthony; beds in the east
doc - burgess, anthony; clockwork orange, a
doc - burgess, anthony; enemy in the blanket
doc - burgess, anthony; time for a tiger
txt - burton, sir richard; arabian nights, the (1850)
doc - burton, sir richard; kama sutra excerpts (1883)
doc - camus, albert; fall, the
txt - camus, alnert; neither victims nor executioners
txt - castaneda, carlos; fire from within, the
doc - chaucer, geoffrey; canterbury tales (1380)
txt - chomsky, noam; on anarchism
txt - chomsky, noam; powers and prospects (exerpt)
txt - chomsky, noam; propaganda and control of the public mind
txt - chomsky, noam w bertrand russel; vietnam war crimes tribunal
txt - clancy, tom; red storm rising
txt - clavell, james; shogun
txt - conrad, joseph; set of six, a
txt - conrad, joseph; tale of the seaboard,a
txt - conrad, joseph; chance
txt - conrad, joseph; lord jim
txt - conrad, joseph; outcast of the islands, the
txt - conrad, joseph; arrow of gold, the
txt - conrad, joseph; rover, the
txt - conrad, joseph; secret agent, the
txt - einstein, albert; world as i see it, the
txt - lee, harper; to kill a mockingbird
txt - heinlein, robert a; catwho walks through walls, the
txt - heinlein, robert a; common sense
txt - heinlein, robert a; logic of empire
txt - heinlein, robert a; man who sold the moon, the
txt, doc - heinlein, robert a; notebook of lazarus long, the
txt - heinlein, robert a; stranger in a strange land
txt - kipling, rudyard; jungle book, the
pdf - madonna; sex book, the (excerpts)
txt - poe, edgar allan; collected works
doc - pratchett, terry; carpe jugulum
txt - pratchett, terry; colour of magic, the
doc - pratchett, terry; dark side of the sun, the
txt - pratchett, terry; equal rites
txt - pratchett, terry; eric
htm - pratchett, terry; feet of clay
htm - pratchett, terry; guards! guards!
htm - pratchett, terry; fifth elephant, the
htm - pratchett, terry; interesting times
htm - pratchett, terry; jingo
htm - pratchett, terry; last continent, the
htm - pratchett, terry; men at arms
txt, htm - pratchett, terry; mort
txt - pratchett, terry; only you can save mankind
txt - pratchett, terry; pyramids
txt - pratchett, terry; reaper man
htm - pratchett, terry; soul music
htm - pratchett, terry; sourcery
htm - pratchett, terry; thief of time, the
htm - pratchett, terry; truth, the
txt - pratchett, terry; witches abroad
txt - shakespeare, william; hamlet
txt - shakespeare, william; macbeth
txt - shakespeare, william; measure for measure
txt, doc - tolkein; lotr1, fellowship of the ring, the
txt - tolkein; lotr2, two towers, the
txt - tolkein; lotr3, return of the king, the
txt - tolkein; sir gawain and the green knight
txt - tolkein; adventures of tom bombadil, the
txt - tolkein; hobit, the
txt - tolkein; silmarillion, the
txt - wells, hg; invisible man, the
txt - wells, hg; war of the worlds, the

Palm - conrad, joseph; almayers folly
Palm - conrad, joseph; falk
Palm - conrad, joseph; heart of darkness
Palm - conrad, joseph; mirror of the sea, the
Palm - conrad, joseph; secret sharer, the
Palm - conrad, joseph; shadow line, the
Palm - conrad, joseph; youth

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