E-juice in Taipei?


Is there anywhere in Taipei that sells decent (or even not decent) e-juice in Taipei? Ideally nic juice, but without is ok too.
Maybe there are some DIYers out there who could sell me some? I need only a 2-week supply.


I’ve been looking for some too. The nicotine kind is illegal but there are places around town that sell it. I can tell you where in NTC.


I have a pile of the stuff that I no longer use. It seems I’m allergic to something in it no matter which brand I try.

If you folks want it you can have it for free. I also have a few ecig machines. Some used and one new. Kangertech and the like - also free.


You can get E-Juice online locally, but you got to be savvy about getting it with nicotine- which is not legal. You need to understand the slang/jargon.

Download the online shopping app, “Shopee”, on your smartphone.
Go to the website https://shopee.tw/

apply for an account and begin shopping!
You don’t need to have a credit card, you can pay cash at the nearest convenience store when you pick up your order.


Thanks friend.

However, a few days ago another guy gave me the exact same advice and I am currently sitting here vaping some vanilla ice cream. It’s not the best juice in the world, but it’s a hundred times better than shitty analogues. So thanks to him, and thanks to you.

To anyone else who is interested -the term ‘sweet’ (甜) before the numbers 3 or 6 (on the website linked in the above post) is a euphemism for nic.