E-mails are becoming more interesting

People, linguists … please help me out here … it’s in a language I don’t read, speak or even know …

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Tak chto shire shag, Niks! Toroplivo topaia za borodachom, ia podumal, chto bolno gladko uzh vse Poluchaetsia. prosheptal neudachnik. Smeh i Slezy, a ne rabota. Oni proigryvali Oba, medlenno, no neizbezhno. No Inache ona ne smogla by dobratsia siuda tak bystro. I tut zhe, ne dozhidaias otveta, Skomandoval: Trogaem. Prekrasno, rovno skazala ona posle nebolshoj pauzy. Ia vyrugalsia. Oshchushchenie trevogi kosnulos nervov, slovno raskalennaia provoloka. Rasstoianiia nepreryvno uvelichivalis, vse trudnee stanovilos otyskivat i Unichtozhat porozhdeniia Prokolda, a sily ohotnikov vse bolshe raspylialis po Galaktike. Tuman, okutyvavshij ravninu nochiu, s voshodom Solnca uzhe rastaial polnostiu, i zemlia predstala goloj i bezzhiznennoj. Postoj, spohvatilsia on, no ty ne vypolnil etot Zakaz! Obstoiatelstva izmenilis. Slaboe siianie okruzhalo ego golovu, Probegaia v korotkih volosah korotkimi vspolohami. Poetomu s momenta ischeznoveniia gruz chislitsia v postoiannom rozyske I v pervuiu ochered visit na moej bednoj shee. Eto byl letun, inop, hriplo otozvalsia Bigman, opuskaias na sidene. Tak chto Ruka menia osobenno ne zabotila. Ne medlia bolshe ni sekundy, Gront vonzil shpory v cheshujchatye boka drakha i Slomia golovu ponessia k Ushcherbnym goram, zastavliaia zveria vykladyvatsia na predele svoih vozmozhnostej. I chastichno shefiru eto uzhe Udalos. Ne zabyvaj ob etom. Liubopytno, zachem Etomu supersushchestvu, na kotoroe ne risknul nalozhit lapy dazhe osevoj, Ponadobilis obyknovennye liudi? Ia byl ne prav. Rassudok eto uporno otrical. Kak-nikak ego rodina. Zatem otnial pravuiu Ruku ot posoha ivytianul ee pered soboj, vypriamiv ladon i palcy. Poetomu, usilenno razmyshliaia o sozdavshejsia probleme blago, zaniatsia vse ravno Bylo nechem, on v konce koncov poputno vspomnil, chto v Nichejnyh zemliah Sposobnosti liubyh magov, bud u nih hot tretij glaz vo lbu, hot Istinnyj Svet V zadnice, neizbezhno slabeiut v neskolko raz, i nichego podelat s etim Nevozmozhno. No ne sejchas. Altaresa on slovno i ne slyshal. Prokliatie galtov! potriaseno prosheptal Bigman. Zatumanennoe soznanie Netoroplivo skolzit po kraiu realnosti, kak led po lezviiu britvy, Istekaiushchej taloj kroviu. Ulicy byli privychno bezliudny. Kogda ia vyros i Vozmuzhal, okazalos, chto geroj ne vechnyj, i ne odin ih bylo mnogo, etih Geroev. Negodiaj! Ia ne protiv. Ot shirokoplechego, krepko sbitogo tela korda ishodila Oshchutimaia fizicheskaia sila, a izrezannoe vetrom i vremenem lico prinadlezhalo Cheloveku, privykshemu komandovat hotia by i na svoej lohanke. No nado priznatsia, menia zdorovo Udivilo, chto k vnusheniiu sheptuna u tebia okazalsia immunitet. Altares vnezapno ostanovilsia, i sledovavshaia pozadi svita vynuzhdena byla Zameret tozhe. Ia ne zhelal takoj uchasti. Mogu lish obeshchat, chto budu berech ee kak samogo Sebia.


… So embarrasing … :smiley:

I think it’s Russian, written in the Latin alphabet. You see at the start it says “shire shag” ? It’s about pills to cure your hobbit sized twonker.

It’s a message in Orc sent to Saruman.

It is Russian. Did a quick Google of a few of the words and they all come to sites with a .ru extension.

But maybe Russians were originally descended from orcs?

[quote=“R. Daneel Olivaw”]
But maybe Russians were originally descended from orcs?[/quote]

That would explain alot. :laughing:

Another one … great English poetry …

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Another funny one … and they keep trying … they never heared that google has an excellent spam filter … idiots …

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And all in the hope they don’t get caught as ‘spam’ …

That’s not as interesting as what happened to my friend last year - he started receiving multiple e-mails from a diverse number of students along these lines:

"Dear Professor,

Please forgive my lateness in submitting this assignment. I was not in class today due to (insert stupid, implausible excuse here). See you monday!"

Sincerely yours,

Joe Student"

He never could figure out the link, but he also never could get the homework emails to stop. Good thing they were entertaining!

No I shouldn’t but it’s funny tho … wouldn’t it be better if they take english classes to start with? … but then it wouldn’t be funny anymore I guess …

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breve la vita umana! Un istante ed è già finita. E non resta che un mucchietto di carne marcia.

e con gli oggetti, che per lui erano poi la stessa robetta senza valore. Da usare e poi gettare, nulla più. Amoreche desidero te.
Sopra di lei una lapide, consumata dal tempo, riportava la foto del giovane che le aveva offerto il morte, due amanti nella loro ultima notte.

It’s a message in Orc sent to Saruman.[/quote]

I laughed at this and then I felt like a big fucking geek for doing it, so pathetic. Someone stuff me in a locker please.

Another one …

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Can you explain this

Mi aveva fatto l’occhiolino, la cameriera; l’occhiolino! E il giorno dopo aveva scritto il numero del


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Ho fame. Apro gli occhi. Buio.Autopsia 3006/D32
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