E Reader and digital camera - Cheaper in Taiwan?

I am considering purchasing both an e book reader and a digital camera (probably a Canon 20d) but I’m not sure if I should get them here in the US before I leave for Taiwan, or wait till I get there. I’ve heard that technology is cheap there… does this apply to these items? The e-reader costs between $300 - $700 USD here and the 20d is $475-550 for a used body (it’s not available new anymore). Does anyone have any idea how much they cost there? What about a Canon 40d?


I don’t know what the exact price is, but I’m fairly positive that the 40D would be about $100US cheaper online in the States. No idea about the e-reader; I wouldn’t be surprised if you couldn’t find any one at all out here.

Actually electronics are usually much cheaper in the States, even with tax, than in Taiwan. The advantage to buying electronics in Taiwan is that products are released there months or even years earlier than in the US and there is a much larger selection. If price is your main concern, buy in the US.

I paid NT$38000 for my 40D, but that was in the first week of release last year. Not sure what they are now (or what the x-rate is).

I also have a 20D that I’d consider selling if the price were right. It’d be body only, I don’t have any spare lenses at the moment.

You can find camera prices here - shopping.pchome.com.tw/?mod=area … =ABAL&BB=A
It might not be the best place to get them, but it’ll give you an idea of what they cost. The exchange rate to the US$ is about 30.5. Buying just the body doesn’t tend to work out cheaper here, but normally they do some cracking deals with a lens of two thrown in, but it’s not likely to be any cheaper than in the US. For some reason most of this stuff is cheaper in the US than the rest of the world…