EA games Battlfield series


Anyone play EA games battlefiled 2, or vietnam ?

(1) Lets get a Forumosa squad going


(2) grudge settling on the virtual battlefield

If anyone wants to go head on head with me in a sniper battle let me know. I’m not bad in a fighter jet either ? Or if you want to form a squad and beat the crap out of the PLA let me know !

If so, lets get it on.

yeah and there is no maximum age limit. Grown men acting like kids are welcome as are women soldiers.

All good fun of course :slight_smile: :smiley:

I would, but I can’t play EA games much anymore due to their half-assed approach to production, release, and support of their products. I would be more interested in CoD UO.

And for effective play, what about local servers? I’ve never really found many local hosts with any real continuity. A here today, gone next week kind of thing… no ping for the thing…

is there any easy way to find out (snoop) on what servers exist in Taipei for what games? Afterall, this would give some direction into which games to get.

I’ve got the Vietnam one, but I haven’t really played it much. (I tend to get bored by games very quickly). Although I was only playing the single player mode, I didn’t try it online - it might be more fun that way.

There are loads of servers for battlefield 2. Taiwan has 4 servers just for battlefiled 2 and they are usually very busy with up to 64 online players being alllowed to play on one server. There are also about 5000 world wide servers for EA battlefield 2 and about 500 for EA battlefield special forces.

Battlefield vietnam is an older game so there are no Taiwan servers but the ones in Japan and the western USA give reasonable pings so I often just use those with no problems. Also in battlefiled Vietnam you cannot squad up, so we couldn’t form a squad but we could kill each other ha ha. However the environments on battlefiled vietnam are great ! Jungle fighting is much more fun that always being in a desert or swamp as in BF2.

Anyway sounds like most of you don’t play battlefield 2 so i would buy another game to play against fellow forumosans as long as it involved violence ha ha. Perhaps someone can arrange that we all get one game that we can compete agaisnt each other.