Ear Nose and Throat Doctor

Hello, I am looking for a good Ear Nose and Throat doctor who speaks english and takes health insurance. I know thats a lot to ask but if you know anything please let me know. Oh, also, some one in Taipei city. Thanks

I swear by Dr. Liu, corner of Chuangching Road and Xinyi Road Sec 4 Lane 150.

Thank you. Do you know if Dr. Liu takes health insurance. Also, do you have a phone number and a good landmark that is on the corner of those two streets. I appreciate it.

right across the street from world trade center, near xinyi and keelung. they pretty much all take the insurance these days.

If the OP would name a part of the city (it’s a big metropolis, you know), folks might be better able to recommend someone nearby.

He does take health insurance. If he’s still there – but no reason why he shouldn’t be, I guess.

I’m getting hazy on stuff I used to know by heart, like the numbers of the busses that go down there :blush: but the bus stop you want would be the one two stops AFTER the stop for Taipei Medical University. Let’s see – the 226 goes there for sure, the 266 does…this is a strange feeling forgetting which buses go to a place I lived for like five years… :frowning:

Anyway, in true Taiwan style for foreigners’ directions: if you get off the bus at the second stop after Taipei Medical University (I think the name of the stop is some elementary school, if I recall correctly) you’ll be almost right in front of his clinic. There was a convenience store right smack in front of the bus stop. Continue walking down the street in the same direction you came on the bus, and the clinic will be on your right (same side of the street, that is). He used to share his space with a female pediatrician. I don’t think there’s an English sign but his English was pretty good as I recall.

I usually go to Dr. CHEN Da-Shi (陳大昕耳鼻喉科診所). His English is quite good (studied in USA) and he takes health insurance. You can find him at No. 100, Bade Rd. Sec. 4, Song Shan District, Taipei City (台北市松山區八德路四段100號). Phone number is (02) 2767-6349. That’s very close to the Taipei Motor Vehicle Office in Bade Rd. or in the middle of Guangfu S. Rd. and Keelung Rd.