Earthquake damage: does state pay?

Now my wife wants a house. Bob says no because I do not want to buy a house in an Earthquake zone. She says state will pay if broken.

I am rolling laughing on the carpet but she says:

ask on

so long I have to do it or I never get a goodnights sleep. Anybody heard of such thing?

And please do not answer “yes, and there is a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow as well.” :smiley:

Hi there… when we last looked at buying a house it had some damage. I asked the real estate agent if damage from quakes was covered by Taiwan insurance… her answer was no.

No, the state does not cover it, but if reported within 30 days after the event then it is tax allowable as an expense, though there is a procedure to go through, not sure if their is an upper limit or not.

Yes thanks, now my wife had her colleagues tell her that as well. Good to hear it confirmed again.

She said earthquake insurances cover some earthquake damage, but not all

It’s Ok. Beijing will pay. According to them, it’s their fault.

But seriously, you can get adequate insurance for earthquakes. It doesn’t cost much, and I would personally never buy a house without it.
A few thousand a year, and you’re covered.
Not many locals go for it though.

Taiwan insurance covers fire and earthquake…theft, vandalism, etc. aren’t included…couple thousand a year…reasonable, especially if it is a brand new building…