Earthquake Survival Pack

The earthquake in Indonesia reminded me of the earthquake survival pack I once heard about. The idea is to keep a pack of essential items right next to/under your bed. Should an earthquake strike in the middle of the night and you get trapped in the rubble, this pack will help keep you alive before recuers arrive. And it could very well take more than a week before they find you if the devastation is wide spread. I can’t recall all the things that should go into the pack, but I’d image it would include:
packaged food
cell phone
Anything else you can think of?

Unless you are going to carry one around with you everywhere, what is the point? If the quake is massive enough it is goign to destroy your place which means the supplies must be right with you. On you.

I’d also have a water filter in case your place is not destroyed and you can get out but there’s no running water.

Small first aid kit.
thermal pants and shirt
swiss army knife
food you can eat without water as your water supply may be damaged
spare glasses
mask (it could be really dusty in the rubble)

Of course you’re not going to carry one around at all times, but since we spend a third of the time in bed, it’s still a good idea. Just imagine in the dead of night, an earthquake strikes. You’re shaken awake. It’s all dark, and things start falling off the shelves, walls begin to crack. You reach under your bed, and the pack is right there. A few seconds later, you’re stuck in the rubble, but you’re alive and can subsist on the items in the pack for the next few days.

[quote]thermal pants and shirt
If the space you’re stuck in is large enough for you to change into them. :laughing:

Not sure in reality you have the chance of a picnic under rubble while listening to the radio.

Useful would be a full-face motorcycle helmet (to put on as soon as things shake really badly), something to use as a tourniquet, and maybe a crowbar to lever off things that may be trapping you. A cellphone will likely be useless (as it was during 921), but I’d agree with the N95 mask and whistle. A change of underwear would be likely, IMHO.

Perhaps a man-sized vault such as Dick Cheney had.

Guns and ammo to keep your neighbors at bay. :smiley:

I’ve already got mine in place. Water, flashlight, battery-powered radio/siren/light combo, cell phones (2), first aid kit, blanket, spare glasses, Swiss army knife, and a real gladius :smiley:. I’m not so worried about food. If they don’t get me out in 3 days, I’m a goner anyway.

Well, being a hiker I have all this stuff and in a nice sturdy hard plastic box, but it’s just not under my bed.

[quote=“Mucha Man”]Unless you are going to carry one around with you everywhere, what is the point? If the quake is massive enough it is goign to destroy your place which means the supplies must be right with you. On you. [/quote]You spend 1/3 of your life in bed, some people more. So that’s where you’re most likely to be.

What’s more, if a quake occurs in the dark, while you’re asleep, you’re likely to be disoriented and less able to react quickly and appropriately.

It’s easy enough to put jugs of water in every room, though.

Gladius?! :astonished:


A radio? What so you can listen to ICRT? That must be for when all hope is gone - the aural equivalent of cyanide.

The gladius will be less painful.

I was about to ask what for but you answered my question. :stuck_out_tongue:

ICRT shudder shudder

I dunno, after 9/21 listening to Chocolate freak out on the radio was quite entertaining. “Won’t someone please tell me what’s going on?!” etc.

Dunno, might as well learn Hakka as anything else. No much else you could be doing, if you you can’t move your hands.



That reminds, me. Where the hell is my machete?

What use is a blade you need to swing while you are buried in rubble? You’d be better off with a gardening trowel. I’d be the last (second last? Bubba 2 Guns?) person to dissuade someone from keeping a righteous vengeance weapon under their pillow, but not for chopping my way out of Taiwanese saltwater and garbage concrete.