Earthquakes 2002

That was exciting…

You beat me to it.

Yeah, I am still shaking - was sitting at my office in the 16th floor though my boss thinks that was a small one …

PS: Where is that guy claiming he can predict earthquakes?

You failed badly!

I wonder how many people have heart attacks during these temblors because my own heart feels like it’ll jump out of my chest (for minutes afterwards), and my legs feel wobbly and I can’t breathe or think clearly. It’s particularly frightning when you look across the road and see the neighbouring buildings swaying.

Earthquake? When? I must be more hung over than I thought!

I believe it was a 6.2 earthquake… does anyone know where the epicentre was?



I was an earthquake virgin !!!

I am still shaking now…

I work on 12th floor downtown, all my the people in my office dived under their desks. Air-con units have been known to drop.

It’s only my third day in Taipei


Karen and I felt the building sway ‘gently’ when it hit. It lasted about a minute or so. We were in our apartment (12th floor) in Taichung. The cats didn’t freak out or anything… so much for the super-worldly senses of our kitties.

It’s been really really windy in the morning and afternoons here for the last two days though. Maybe the excitement of paper blowing everywhere constantly has numbed their senses.


The U.S. Geological Survey has a website that lists all the most recent earthquakes everywhere in the world that have a magnitude of at least 4.1. Here’s the website:

The date and time listed in the chart are in UTC, which is also called “Greenwich Mean Time” (GMT). UTC is 8 hours before Taiwan Time. The earthquake today was at about 11:45 am Taiwan Time, so that’s 03:45 UTC.

The 11:45 am earthquake isn’t on the chart yet, but it should be there soon.

Updates of weather and earthquakes can also be found at However, the website is not working… maybe too many people trying to check!

6.2 off the coast of Ilan, 4 in Taipei, according to the latest news.

Quite a few aftershocks as well!


Whoa Nelly!

It was very minor down here in Jiayi County. The only things that fell over were the shampoo bottles in the bathroom. How was it in Taipei?

There was an earthquake? Wonderful stuff, that opium.

There’s something wrong here.

I left 1 day before the 1999 earthquake, and I left 1 day before the March quake. There should NOT, I repeat, NOT have been an earthquake today, as I have not yet left Taiwan.

A few more of those, however, and I’d be tempted to just leave. If that’s a 4…we had a 5.1 in New York recently (very unusual) that seemed far less than that one, but I was in the basement for the New York quake and on the 2nd floor for this one. Glad I was not in the office which is 9th floor…


11:48 - Mai Longdong. You were online fast.

Someone will be typing as the earthquake’s still happening next time. Something like this:

Wow there’s an earthquales sttareting, itt’s geting woedse , woow thatde sd fuckkingsd hdcbigg
sf shittt odn saa aTICK

This was only a small one here in Taipei, some of you must remember the September 1999 one, and for those who have lived in Japan what about the big ones they have, over 7 on the Richter.

I’m so bored with earthquakes, I’ve decided to make them more fun. I’m gonna get a copy of the video for Fatboy Slim’s “Ya Mama (push the tempo)” and put in the VCR ready to run when the next big one hits.
You know the video, it’s the one where everybody who puts the music tape into their machine starts rocking from side to side uncontrollably and knocking all their shit over. I’ve seen the vid dozens of times, but it’s still a scream.

Hmm…Second tremor in 2 days…Something bigger brewing?

Felt strongly by friends in Tainan and Kaohsiung, End of the World dreams, said one… south Taiwan rocked last night, yes!

Powerful quake shakes Taiwan, but no immediate reports of damage

The Associated Press


TAIPEI, Taiwan (AP) – A powerful earthquake shook Taiwan early Thursday around 3 am, but no damage or injuries were immediately reported.

A 7.2-magnitude quake located offshore from the southeastern coastal county of Taitung rattled southern Taiwan, the Central Weather Bureau said.

Several hours later, a 6.6-magnitude quake near the coastal city of Ilan rocked northeastern parts of the island, the weather bureau said.

Earthquakes frequently hit the island.

Oh no, now my family’s gonna worry again.