Earthquakes 2018

Whoa. I think we just had an earthquake


Shaking in Gongguan, Taipei City.

Beat me to the punch.

Can’t believe I felt that on the 4th floor.

/waiting for aftershocks.

Table-PC shaking…

On the other hand, you closed the old one just as I was mousing over the button. So we’re even.

Can’t let you have all the fun! :smiley:

Felt it on the 12th floor…it was like someone shook my bed violently up and down and then everything started swaying sideways…Man!! That was scary!

Our company’s board of executives is visiting from the states…definitely a nice way to welcome them to Taiwan haha.

That was the first one I’ve felt in a while.

That’s what she said.


Just got the SMS alert on my phone…a 5.7 magnitude quake in Beitou…

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Guys and gals, check your phones to see if you received the “early warning” info.

Rats. Epicenter in Beitou. 5.7. Possibly volcano related? Lovely.

only 12 kms aways from Taipei city. Wonder at what depth?

I did not. How does one sign up for this?


Only felt like a 2 or 3 where I am. Our office building must be pretty solid.

140 km deep…very suspicious, could be Datun warming up

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Translated:January 17,2018 Emergency alerts [Earthquake Report] 01/17 13:59 Beitou District, Taipei, Taiwan 5.7 Sectors Affected Earthquake, For more information, please refer to the Bureau of Meteorology website, Bureau of Meteorology. 2:04 PM

Go to your phone’s messages—> Settings …and you should see “Emergency alert settings”—>Emergency alerts … turn them on