Earthquakes 2020

Hope everyone is OK in Tainan.

The sand-like shifting soil in some districts there can lead to real trouble!


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@IbisWtf has been moving around visiting his Earthquake Gods it seems - Taitung for a few days, then back home to Yilan, and now it seems he is visiting Tainan.

Eh not a very good outlook: hot water spring activity has intensified in Tainan, considered a precursor to a quake.

Having a party?

Er… By “we” I meant the buildings…

When was that?

23:03 last night it would appear. I must have been sleeping well for across the river in Yingge I didnt feel it and the CWB suggests it wasnt felt north of Hsinchu.

I was watching TV, didn’t feel a thing.

Last night, just when I posted it.

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Under 5 nobody even bats an eye :grin:

I noticed one about 30 minutes ago.

I was out getting some exercise in the sunshine (and wind) and didnt feel it.