Earthquakes 2020

Were you all too drunk and didn’t realize the shaking? Or am I still too drunk and didn’t see the post?

Either way: This year we didn’t have to wait long for the first one!

3:10 near Hualien. Oh, and on CWB even 2 times?

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Shook me out of bed this morning. Glad someone else noticed.

Anyone? Not very strong in Taichung.

嘉義 4.7

I didn’t feel a thing in Taichung.

The new website has new graphics

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Something wrong with your frontal lobe, no feelings?

Strange the intensity scale stops at 7. Japan had a 9.1 just a few years ago and we’re basically on the same fault.

It’s a sliding scale!

Answer to your question here

and here

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These are two different scales. Magnitude is scored on the Richter scale and measures energy released, while intensity measures the actual surface effects.

Swear I’ve felt three tremors in the past 45 min. . That or my blood sugar is wonky

Probably your blood sugar.
Although, I also felt my world world shaking about the same time. But in my case it was the penny dropping while my third child was being born. :grin:


For real? Congratulations!

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Yeah, for real!
A healthy and cute boy!


That’s awesome!

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Congratulations! I hope the wife is doing well, too! Wow.

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Thanks! She’s is still recovering, but it’s going as expected :grin:
That was the easy part. The hard part starts now and lasts for 18 years, at least… :rofl:



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Good to hear. Give her our best, and our congrats to her too!

Eh. Money. Sleep. Who needs 'em? Pfft. Overrated, totally overrated. :star_struck:

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Shaky in Taipei

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