Earthquakes 2021

Let the gods have mercy in 2021

Continuing the discussion from Earthquakes 2020

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How does the system detect an earthquake coming 10 seconds before it’s physically felt?

The signal from the sensors arrive nearly instantly, while the seismic waves travel at ‘slower’ speeds (+6 km/s).


Earthquake waves travel slower than electric signals. So, if the quake epicenter is far from us but the sensors are close to it, the information “a quake happened” can reach us very fast, a bit before the quake waves arrive.


Central Weather Bureau…the same guys that told us we’re in for a dry winter. :clown_face:

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Couple of examples, from Mexico. Note the time between the alarm and the actual quake.

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Two 4.2 last night

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Small shake in taipei

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Temblor in Taipei.


Got warning. In mrt. Felt nothing.

I was in the wrong year

Ilan again

Was that 20 seconds?

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Just a few shakes. No big deal…unless that was the foreshock.


I felt a slight wobble. No unusual for Saturday evenings, though.


That was weird. I heard it but didn’t really feel much. In Shilin.

Quake in Taipei

Wasn’t even one. Felt it and got the warning just after

It was a big jolt in the Taoyuan area followed by ten seconds or so of mild shaking. Very noisy, though.

Sounds bigger than Taipei. Wonder where the epicenter was.