Earthquakes 2024

But there was def one just now in Taipei

Another 5+ similar area just now

I haven’t felt one since 2022

Some people recommend Tinder.



10th floor. Just a little jiggle.

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Small one

Mild shaking in Wanhua

Shaky sofa

Weird one, felt like a bunch of sudden shock fronts instead of a wave.

That was way too smooth for my taste. Felt like a preview.

Thought I felt a little one - a look at my stand light showed it wobbling - confirmed!!

You were first!

I feel like Polkaroo with these earthquakes

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Aftershock of an earlier little one at 17:02 perhaps.

So a sequel then.

5.0 , 25km E of Yilan.

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I didn’t feel a thing. :person_shrugging:

Location: Taipei City, Gongguan


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Feeling that and lights shaking Taipei.

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A little brief, gentle rocking here in Banqiao.

Edited to add:

Am I having a false memory, or did neighborhood dogs use to bark after these kinds of tremors? And if they did, how come I no longer hear dogs barking outside after these things?

Chiayi 4.9