Easiest Place to find a teaching job

This topic has probably been covered already but going to ask anyway.

I have been in Taipei a few days now (Arrived from UK) and am currently looking for a job teaching english.

I have tried the China Post, Taipei Times, Tealit.com. Are there any other places that I can try?

Trouble is that I do not have a degree and this could prove troublesome I have been told be some, but not a problem from others.

Thanks in advance

Check out the archives of this forum for LOADS of information (go to front page of segue and scroll down to teaching, under that, archives and click…

or see www.tealit.com which is a good board for finding work quickly. segue also has a few jobs available on the career board.

Without a degree, you’ll have to work illegally, (sans work permit) but trust me, there’s plenty of teaching work to go around.

95% of the advertisements state degree required and work permit will be provided, both of which do not apply to me :frowning:

If you don’t have to get the degree validated by the TRO in London, and you’re the right age to be a graduate, then any old cert will do. My (original) degree cert looks like it was run off on a laser printer in 5 minutes (this is what I get after 4 years!!?)

This is the place where everything is a copy of a copy of a fake. One cruise through the night market and you will be amazed.

One of the news anchors on a prominent cable news network (can’t remember her name) here is being investigated for defrauding a Japanese bussinessman of millions and it turns out that she doesn’t have a BA let alone a MA in communications from Georgia Tech.

She lied from the get go and it seems that it is really common here.

I’m seriously thinking about getting that phd from Yale that I have been dreaming about…

So where do I get that degreee I have always dreamed about?

WHile your at it, print me up a PhD an well

there’s no way that you must have a degree to teach here. Most schools only ask for a degree for visa purposes. If this wasn’t the case, they surely would require teacher training. I’ve been here studying for less than a week and have already found part-time work to support myself. I work in a school 3hrs a day/7days a week and have 4 regular privates totalling over Nt 11000 a week and I still easily fit in my studies. I don’t have a degree although I do have 5 A’s at A-level, so I’m not stupid either. I’m living with my girlfriends family and they have found a lot of the work, but one pupil’s mother stopped me in KFC! The market dictates.

When I was just about 19 I landed on these shores… damn there’s that Paul Brady song again! Anyway, when I was 19 and had no degree and three Us at U-Level I had more jobs than I could shake a stick at. As far as I can see the hourly rate for a work permit bushiban has gone up about NT$50 in 10 years. So will all the bits of paper I have collected in the intervening years make any difference…? I doubt it.

If you’re looking for a job, I would recommend the links at this page:


There are a number of links to pages for language schools, as well as several job boards.

Can I get that Phd in Advanced Applied Astral Physics and Culinary Disbursement now?


Trouble is that I do not have a degree and this could prove troublesome I have been told be some, but not a problem from others.

Thanks in advance[/quote]

I have two friends living here with health cards and working permits. They bought their degrees online somewhere for about $200 US, or maybe a little more. They have not failed yet. Good luck!