East coast - 3 week dog care

Aye, got a big canine problem.

A male dog (tu-gou) showed up on some land we’re working on, in good condition but thin. So we started to feed him. Then we went back one day and he’d been attacked (the vet thinks) by a pack of local dogs. Savaged – ears torn, flesh wounds, and a really nasty deep leg injury that may still need amputation.

So I’ve had to rescue him. Brought him home, cleaned him up, vet visits. Now feeding him 4 square meals a day and trying to save his leg. The dog is incredibly placid, stoic, good natured. A highly chilled animal.

But I’m out of the country for 3 weeks in December, and I need help. My wife can look after him for a few days, but she’s not a dog person and also changing the leg bandage (twice daily) is a 2 person job.

Is there any shelter who’d take him for 3 weeks? We’re east coast, but I could possibly get him to Taipei area. Happy to pay some costs.

Here he is before the attack. Woof!
A very long legged, fast as a greyhound, tu-gou. Smart too.


Update on Raven - his wounds are healing nicely. The leg wound is still deep, but we’ve shelled out some $$$ for good quality vet care, and it’s showing progress. He should keep the leg, but it will take a few more weeks to heal.

We are still in the same predicament though. No-one to really take good care of him (Dec 7th thru 31st). Open to all suggestions.