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I’ve been binging on the discussions here way more than is healthy or sane, and will probably post a couple of Q’s, respecting your time and attention, of course.

Depending on how my affairs in Europe unfold, I will sooner or later make the jump to the east coast, I like what I see on the map. If I wanted a 100 mile concrete wall I could probably find it in southern Spain, Cyprus, or the USA- Mexico border :slight_smile:

My questions is, is the (over) development of the west coast attributed mainly to the proximity to the continent, or is it also advantageous from population safety points of view? Are there more/fiercer tsunamis, typhoons, earthquakes, sharks, you name it, on the east side? And it does break my heart Lanyu is so windy!


If I’m understanding the question right, east coast is mountainous and not arable.

You do, I did not mean to be mysterious, not with my first post! So you are saying it is the rice that attracted people to the west coast? Kinda a Hindus valley then!

Wind is worse. Rain is more often but less serious than parts of the west.

Major ports are on the west. Probably due to large quantity of flat land.

The east will be getting a huge surge of people these years and there are lots of people with money, time and brains. Though the price is rising fast, as with most of taiwan.

Hualien and yilan are already insane. Taitung is cheaper but ever rising. As the road and rail through the south gets finished as well as the southern population either dieing off or wising up on health, they will keep migrating more and more to taitung.

Hopefully that massive ocean project isnt actually a port or the area is probably done. But judging from personal experience in the west and taitung, taitung is MUCH more interested in preserving its land. Its a positive sign. Some corruption sure, but nothing at all like in the west. So its a last refuge for flat landers. Orchid island is all aboriginal land and not economically useful. So it wont be developed like the mainland. Just a dump site and tourism. Hopefully they dont start that old dumb idea of dumping nuclear waste in taitung/pingtung again. Taitung is generally considered the last somewhat clean and safe (meaning not in the mountains) place to live in taiwan. So get in while you can.

I’m confused. Where is this on the West coast in Taiwan?

Wall is a metaphor here, and the miles are more likely 400. Still a mystery?

Well, when you said it I thought of the west coast drive from Taipei to Taichung is solid grey, buildings, road, cars, demeanors…

In any event, sounds like you’re ready for a change. Taiwan will definitely provide that.

Indeed, even reading about Taiwan makes me feel better :slight_smile: Will have to navigate loads of stuff of course if the dream of a blockchain company with my name on it is to materialize, but there’s no denying Taiwan is a saner version of many of its neighbors! Or they are trying to be :slight_smile:

What part of East Coast you edging towards?
night and day and sunset differences between Ilan, Hualien, and Taitung.

Traditionally, it was hard to access the East coast and somewhat remote. Everything came in/went out by boat. It is still somewhat hard to access but there are roads for trucking and trains for people. Until recently, the only road from North would reguarly shut down for weather or landslides. They for example recently ran out of eggs in Hualien and it’s not like they can just drive over to the next town like on West coast. The prediction is 2 weeks to bring egg availability back into balance. West coast has lots of space for agriculture, industry and living. Plus ports.

If you like small town remote feeling, then east coast. Well, also many places on west coast too.

I would very much value being south of the tropic, as well as the “splash in the sea every single day” experience, which may need some on-the-ground exploration to achieve, especially since I am reading that many places restrict swimming. And yes, will try to combine it with tech “employment”, nobody said life was easy!

It’s not a nice hot beautiful Thailand beach south of the tropic feeling with long stretches of beautiful sand and beach with people frolicking around, it’s a super hot, cannot get out of car or go out in daytime and very little to do feeling.

Splash in the sea every single day will take some effort. Most towns aren’t really at a beachy area where people swim. Not many places at all for swimming. No real beach resort areas. The beaches that are there are mostly terrible, brown sand, rocky, no facilities, water dangerous. Oh, and lots of bad weather to include typhoon 6 months a year or so.

But beautiful views and outdoor hiking like activities.

Most all tech jobs are west side unless working alone from home.


Ditto with what @tango42 said. No tech jobs on east coast unless working from home, or you find one on the ground, so to speak.
Hot hot summers. Taitung has what’s called a “foehng” (spelling?) hot wind, that us at temps of like 36C and above.

East coast is for surfing, cycling, mountain climbing, etc., but when you’re there, I’m sure you’ll find the hideaway beaches and whatnot.

Is there a mandated price for eggs, or how come the price of eggs in hualien doesn’t increase to a level that demand and supply is balanced ?

I’m not sure of the cause of egg shortage. I saw a news report two nights ago talking about the empty shelves, and shortage of eggs, people complaining, only six per customer when available, restaurants complaining. And the government official said the supply won’t be back up to normal for 2 weeks.

The “invisible hand of the market” is not that predictable, and besides a bidding war may never take place when the major providers got all their hens in a row. But could an egg operation in the east be the gateway to untold riches! Oh my, Taiwan’s first foreign eggpreneur is in the making!

Yeah that’s what I remember. Just absolutely hellishly hot in summer. Keep ya thin though.

Can believe that, but how come there is little Mediterranean/Mexican or native style architecture around to shield from the heat, and instead it is A/C country?

concrete generally can withstand strong typhoons the best

Also we logged most of the cypress and cedar already. Bricks are way cheaper than the wood type and construction skill to build a wood house here. That said there are still lots of old wood houses still standing. Not maintained, but the structure still withstands it all…pretty impressive really.

Taitung is probably the nicest part of the east to live. Its notnthat inconvenient anymore. It all comes down to lifestyle (its not the busy night life a city fivea you). There is very few places in the west that are not in the mountains that can give you the same feel. The people are truly of a higher calibar in the east. Health is better. But the hard part for some is financial situation. My suggestion: be self employed and work hard, then the place will be AMAZING!

That all said, many people also know this and lots of people are moving out of the west (escaping) to live a healthier and often happier life in the east. Its not a secret anymore and its very convenient there now. Just not ultra lively.

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