💵 Easycard - How do I check my Easycard Balance?

How can I check the balance of my Easycard without suing the app? I cannot download the app because I cannot change the country in Google play.

Any convenience store can check for you.

Any MRT station has an easycard reader.

Also, @eatdrinktravellife, please make your titles more than one word. Be specific in your questions.


All MRT stations have a reader where you can not only check the balance, you can see history of transaction there too.

Convenience stores can also do the same (but they cannot see history).

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Can tap card on Youbike, where it shows the balance at rental start, pull the bike out and immediately replace it, no charge.

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The register when paying also shows remaining balance on little screen next to the card.

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You can taste it if you lick the side of the card that carries the chip. Just be careful if you recently had Covid and avoid being in an environment with pungent smells (garbage trucks, stinky tofu stalls, etc.) as that can impact accuracy.

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