Eat more eggs

I’ve always hated the taste and texture of eggs, but my doctor said I should eat more. Something about phosphorus I think. I guess I’ll have to think of them as medicine. Yech…

No. It’s just some chickens lay brown eggs and others white.
The yolk is artificially colored through food additives.

" Colouring in poultry feed creates allergic reactions

All major egg producers and many small ones - even those which claim to be free range and organic - use colouring additives in the feed they give their hens. Their use is completely unnecessary in a free range flock, as hens running on quality pasture and at low stocking densities will obtain enough carotenoids from the green feed in the paddock to maintain good yolk colour. The colour will vary – depending on the time of year and what each hen has been eating – but many egg producers want to con consumers by using additives to provide consistent, bright yolk colour. Many of those additives are synthetic - adding to the chemical cocktail mix in food. But even those which are claimed to be ‘natural’ are manufactured in factories – often in China. What the manufacturers mean by using the word ‘natural’ is that the additives may be derived from natural products but are processed and concentrated into a powder or liquid."


I’ve looked at this over and over again. The key factors are sugar and artificial trans fat. Not eggs. Epidemiology is continually criticized because of its flaws.

It’s like those studies that concluded meat eating causes heart disease. First of all; it’s self reported. We know it’s very unreliable to get data this way. And this never accounts for the fact meat eaters also are more often smokers, on average drink more alcohol, nor does it control what kind of meat. Is the person eating hot dogs all day with sugary buns or is he eating grass feed beef?

The reality is, the US had operated on the idea that eating cholesterol is bad. Animal Fat is bad. And this has caused heart disease and obesity to rise.


Yes, but the article quoted is about the yolk, not the albumen, i.e. the thing around the yolk which is normally white


Every egg white is white, it only affects yolks. Chicken egg shells are white or any shade of white, and brown (many shades of brown)

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Yep, but in Taiwan they also sell some eggs with brown albumen. And the only sensible explanation for this I have found so far is either that they are colored or, which I actually now consider more likely, pressure-cooked with what seems to be commonly knows as the “Korea sauna style egg” process I referenced above

Many eons ago I used to work in a London pub. one of our lunchtime dishes was gammon steak with fried egg. Little did the customer know our chef was using pre-fried eggs similar to this:

I could never fathom how it could be easier to defrost a frozen fried egg than fry a fresh.

One of the most challenging aspects of the job was trying to explain to customers why they couldn’t swap their fried egg for scrambled. “Why do you pre-fry every single egg, you must have some still on hand … eggs don’t come in boxes, the come in shells…”


Boiled in spiced tea probably.

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" Our folded eggs , like the ones on a Bacon, Egg & Cheese Biscuit, are made with liquid eggs that are pre-cooked and folded before being flash frozen by our suppliers. Once in our kitchens, they’re prepared on the grill with real butter."


Catering kitchen secrets!


They look like tea eggs (available at any 7-11), or possibly soy-marinated eggs.


yep brown egg white = cooked with some chinese tea (medical hahahaha). And yes it affects the colour… As for the egg yellow - yeah sadly it’s food additives given to chicken.

And here is a guide on what additives to give the chicken by DSM - one of the biggest producers of additives - depending on the colour outcome you want to achieve (so yeah - if you find a producer with pale egg yellow in winter, and darker in summer you’re at the right source… if it’s dark yellow all year round, thank DSM and Co and assume the quality to be lower in general…):

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I’m also an egg fan. but i find it hard to eat more than 4 a day.
unless its sukiyaki, its hard to eat multiple eggs. one is usually the tastiest number of eggs to eat in one sitting.

And japanese people are genius’s. raw eggs or half cooked eggs mixed with stuff sukiyaki, gyo or katsu don are amazingly tasty. If i get spicy hot pot i need a raw egg now.