Eating in Kenting

My wife and son recently went to Kenting for a weekend break. We loved the place, but wanted some advice on where to eat for our next trip there in October.

The food in the hotel, the Howard, was utter shit despite lovely rooms and service. So we went out on the first day to a pizza place called Amy’s, and had some lovely thin-crust pizzas with oodles of delicious topping. The next day, we experienced some awful food at Smokey Joes. The seafood risotto was bland and without character, the macaroni and cheese was so bad that even my son, who eats anything, turned his nose up at it. My wife’s fettuccine was bland beyond belief. On our last evening there, we went to Ocean Blue, where we had a green chicken curry, steamed fish, fish flat cakes and fried tofu in breadcrumbs. The food there was amazing for all of us and I didn’t want to leave.

Having only had time to visit three places outside of the hotel, I would like some thoughts on where I should go next time. I noticed a handful of Thai places that looked nice, but didn’t have time to explore more.


Warung Didi’s (outdoor place not the cucina) is good (go down a lane behind Amy’s), nice fun ambiance, SEA/Indonesian/Taiwanese food, drink beer outside. There is a nice place that does good breakfasts and burritoes and cocktails, just diagonally across from the Starbucks/Big Tom’s complex. Caesar’s hotel has a buffet and restaurants too, you could try there if you have the budget. I’ve tried some of the ‘Thai’ places on the strip before and I was not impressed at all, they all look like clones of each other, it’s possible that some are better than others but how do you find that out?

Kenting is a bit lacking for good food, both local and foreign. Maybe some other posters have better knowledge than I. I think there are a few fun little coffeeshop/breakfast places up and down along the coast a bit. A French guy has a small place on the main strip too although I didn’t really enjoy the food but it may have been I just don’t like that type of food. Other than that you just have to go with the night market snacks and look around for some of the better stuff.

I can tell you where there are some awesome Mingshu to stay in though, on second thoughts maybe not :slight_smile:, want to keep those gems to myself.

Why, so they eventually will close for lack of business?

I’m only joshing and no they won’t close for lack of business in Kenting that’s for sure.

I know you’re joshing so fill us in on your good find. :bow:

I liked the teppanyaki at Caesars Park.

I second Warung Didi’s but it is popular in high season when reservations are usually required.

The Caeser has seasonal outdoor BBQ’s that can be pretty good value.

I seem to recall there was a really good pizza or pasta place in Kending run by a foreigner. Is it Amy’s mentioned by the OP?

Amy’s has pizza and pasta, but it is definitely not ‘really good’.

You might be thinking of this?:

Far Falla Pizzeria & Bar

After some googling, I found The Rock Garden Pizza. As you can see, the owner Jonathan is very foreign. Funny it’s never been mentioned here.

Probably because this forum is very Taipei focused. Although I never heard of this place either!

It’s on the road on the way to Ja lei shui, hidden behind a grove of trees but with a little Enlish sign outside.