Ecommerce Payment Options Besides Paypal?

Has anyone ever integrated and used another payment system besides paypal for the e-commerce site? Paypal holds onto the funds for a while that I can’t access, and their site is sooooo slow. It makes it so painful to do any administrative work with payments on there.

I see sites using Stripe or Shopify.
Have a look if any of those are better suited for you.

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Never heard about stripe before. I think Shopify is only for the sites using Shopify but I’ll check again.

I also see google pay now, I wonder if that’s better.

You should check the payment methods that are supported by each provider.

afaik Google Pay can only process debit and credit cards
Paypal’s advantage is that it can process bank transfers (UK + SEPA) and credit cards
Stripe has recently gained the bank transfer ability as well, but Paypal has better protection against chargebacks on credit cards.

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You’ll have to find a payment provider without escrow.

Or maybe you can use your receivables as collateral for a working capital loan. Interest is cheap these days.

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I was thinking about that actually. Might have to consider it. Hard to expend right now.

One of the issues I have with PayPal is how slow their site when I’m using it. Painfully slow.

What country are you in?

This is going to decide what payment processor is available.

There’s moneybooker, vimeo, etc. but it all depends what country you are in.

Have you tried their business mobile app? I am not sure though if it supports all of Paypal’s features.

I don’t mind the app. Its faster. But I do all my work on the computer with the website, printing shipping labels, book keeping. It’s just so much smoother to do it all on my monitors at once.

Also you said you were having problems with PayPal because you sell digital merchandise or services. It isn’t the first time PayPal is dealing with digital products, and when you send invoice you can specify that this item doesn’t require service. Have you been able to contact their customer service about this? Also my experience with PayPal holding your money seems to only apply for sellers who are new. Once you establish yourself they stop doing that.

So you need to modify your invoice and make sure it’s marked as services, and it does not require shipping.

I think op is not in Taiwan. PayPal Taiwan doesn’t withhold money as far as I know. Also PayPal Taiwan is international only.

I haven’t used them. Simply came across it looking into the ‘GoShare’ App.
They are based in Taiwan (Cherri Tech, Inc. | 喬睿科技)


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I completely dropped PayPal now. Their cut is too ridiculous.

Shopify payment system through stripe is great. And I also have Klarna and Clearpay for installments.