Eddy's Cantina Mexican Restaurant, Tianmu

I love Eddy’s. Great beers on tap too. I go there for lunch nearly every Friday, because I always have calls to take before picking up my daughter and the number 2 location is open until 3:30. Chicken Enchiladas FTW.

Every Wednesday all you can eat in 90 minutes for $480?!

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Can they serve you as fast as you can eat?

OMG! This thread is making me so happy! It’s been years since I’ve looked at it and I wasn’t sure if it was still here.
Forumosa is amazing!
So we are currently in Tianmu, come and see us
Hey to all of you on here.
I’m putting together a monthly or weekly contest for free food vouchers. However everyone gets a 20% off coupon to come and try us either way!


Here’s the link, looking forward to seeing you soon! Fill that out and see ya soon?
Eddy Gonzalez


I eat at the Tianmu Eddy’s Cantina more than any sane person should. It’s great every time.


Put one in Neihu please

Do you have condiments on the tables ?


Hey there, love neihu, putting in some steps to make some moves very soon. Would love to.


Hi there, so not sure if this is a serious question or not but here we go. We make all of our salsas, sauces and tortillas from scratch in house. So when we serve the food, we serve salsas and homemade hot sauces with them. They are made fresh multiple times a week. So by condiments like Tabasco, ketchup, mustard we don’t have on the tables and we don’t serve them. Well we do have ketchup the we serve when one orders a side of fries.


He’s kinda joking Eddy. There is a whinge thread about restos not having condiments on tables. He was riffing on that.

Figured as much but ya we don’t have them as we make all of our own.

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Thanks, nice to know the sauces are made inhouse !

They have the right ones to match.

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Thanx we actually make EVERYTHING in house. Unfortunately that means that staff turnover is murder cuz its more labour intensive

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Hey guys, Merry Christmas, great things coming in 2020 hope to see you all sometime soon!
P. S. Our English karaoke Fridays are becoming super popular. Great fun, will let you all know when we do the next one.

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Sounds fun!