Eddy's Cantina Mexican Restaurant, Tianmu

My Name is Ed Gonzalez and I’d like to tell you about a food stand called “Eddy Burrito” that I along with my wife have recently opened. “Eddy Burrito” is the first place in Taiwan to serve authentic Handmade Mexican Food. We recently opened in Danshui, close to the MRT Station on “Old Street”. We serve Freshly Handmade Mexican Food using recipes that have been used in my family for generations. Though we are only a stand and we currently only have a few things available our taste is authentic. We currently serve Burritos, Quesadillas, Sopapillas and Horchata. We are currently working on an Island wide shipping deal I’ll keep you posted on that.

Some Key points in our cooking:

• Fresh Tortillas made by hand daily. This really makes a huge difference in flavor and quality. You can come and watch as we roll a ball of dough into a tortilla.
• Age old Family recipes from Mexico developed by the Gonzalez Family.
• No Frozen tortillas, canned beans or jarred salsa. Only fresh ingredients including fresh made sauces. Nothing is pre-made
• We are a food stand so we must keep our prices low to compete with the surrounding stands. Burritos 79nt, Quesadillas 59nt, Sopapillas 25nt and Horchata 35nt.
• We are just a small stand so we currently have no staff, just me and my wife so we can maintain the quality of the food.

Burritos – Our Burritos are filled with Mexican Fried Beans, Mexican Red Rice, Marinated Grilled Chicken breast and lined with our Guacamole salsa mix. Finally we add just enough Spicy red Chili sauce which is of course optional. Then we wrap it all up in our handmade Mexican flour tortilla.

Quesadillas – Our Quesadillas are filled with imported cheese and just enough Marinated grilled chicken breast. Then its folded over so as to let the cheese and chicken melt into one another then lined with our Guacamole Salsa Mix and fresh chili sauce (Optional).

Sopapilla - The traditional Sopapilla is actually fried however in our version we prefer to bake it, to better preserve the flavor of the freshly made tortilla. We take the almost cooked tortilla then we spread butter over it with a little bit of sprinkled sugar then fold it over allowing the butter and sugar combo infuse into the tortilla.

Horchata - Horchata is a traditional Mexican drink. Its made mostly from rice water and then sweetened with a combination of things such as cinnamon. This Mexican beverage is often used to offset spicy Mexican food with its semi-sweet flavor. You would be hard pressed to find this drink anywhere else in Taiwan but it is available at Eddy Burrito.

Any Questions just give me an email: EddyBurrito.com



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I haven’t had a Sopapilla in ages.
You should say what your hours are because I went there in the afternoon last week and you weren’t open.

My mouth is watering right now. I wish you all the best with this.

Good luck with your stand, man. It sounds delish. Can’t believe I can’t have a quesadilla made by a Mexican in Vancouver, nor horchata, but can in Taiwan!

sounds great. good luck! :slight_smile:
hope i can come by soon


Got menudo planned?

A lot of borrachos aqui.

if this stand really is what it says it is… im moving to danshui… especially if any kind of carne asada is present… i love beef

I’ve been meaning to post for a while on Forumosa and just finally found some time today and i was so excited for people to try and hear about our food that I forgot to let you guys know our hours of operation. We are closed on Monday’s and Tuesday’s. We are open from Wednesday through Sunday and we try to be open for around 2 o’clock, a little earlier on Sundays. But we dont close until Danshui old street dies down which is like 10 o’clock, 11ish on Saturdays. About the Menudo and Carne Asada, I so excited that people are requesting foods like that I would love to add stuff like that to the Menu but it will take some time. Our goal is to open up a little spot where we can keep good quality Mexican food and decent prices and for sure expand the menu. One last thing, if i’m not there and you only see my wife working there that must mean i’m out teaching elsewhere but rest assured that food has been prepared by us the right way so don’t worry.

Wanna check out some picks check out www.eddyburrito.com I just got that site up today as well.


sounds like a good reason to go to danshui. fish balls and brick eggs never got me over there.

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Eddie, thanks for posting this info. There are lots of fans of Mexican food here who welcome this kind of alternative.

Mmm…horchata, siempre he pensado que le gustara a los locales. Que rico!

Trataremos de ir el fin de semana por unos burritos. Buena suerte con el negocio! :hungry:

Sweet Lord Hallelujah! Our new house is minutes away. Look for the tall Americano wiping the slobber off of his mouth!

I’m driving to Danshui soon to check this place out.

All the very best Ed!

Looks good. Any veggie options available?

Wow, it’s been ages since I’ve had a good horchata. And the mexican food near me is more tex-mex style.

Good luck to you and your wife, and I shall look for your stand if I’m in Danshui.

Jia you!

Very good, hombre! :bravo:
Thanks God, here’s someone with the courage to actually COOK the items on his menu, not just warming up this pinche frozen stuff they offer in endless 義大利麵 - outlets. There is an unbelievable 義大利麵 - inflation right now here around 輔大 (maybe elsewhere too). We have 5 or 6 of them - it’s possible to loose count - in the same street, competing with the lowest prices for the best deal. Eddy, have the courage and sell your goodies for a decent price, because that’s what decent food deserves. Don’t get into the 99 - 89 - 79 - 69 … whirlpool, it’s a vicious circle! :fume: If guys want to eat authentic Mexican / Italian / whatever: that has a certain price, and you can not go below that. If guys want to eat cheap, and I don’t mean tasting cheap, well then go for the local cuisine. In short: good luck to Eddy + 太太 and stay faithful to your principles when it comes to (Mexican) cooking!!


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Yeah I’d agree with the comment about the price. Of course, we’d all like a bargain, but what we’d rather see is that it’s worth your while and you stick around as a result.

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I visited Eddy Burrito about a month ago and It was a well worthy visit to far far Danshui. The stand is nicely decorated and the location in the old street makes it just as if you were in Guadelajara !!! My gf and I shared 2 burritos and a quesadilla. wich were both excellent. Eddy made our food as we exchanged a bit in my broken Spanish. The ingredients were really fresh and nicely packaged in a REAL tortilla. My only wish is that the salsa was a bit more piquante but I am sure it’s already taken cared of now.

Knowing that I wouldn’t return to Danshui for sometimes, I made sure to order 2 more burritos to go which made fantastic breakfast the next morning.

Danshui won’t seem so far anymore!

Good luck Eddy with your biz

Thanx for the props guys I look forward to you all trying out our food and lettin us know what you think. Vegetarian - What we usually do for vegetarians is make a Red rice, bean and cheese burrito, also very fresh and tastes great as well. Or, we make a bean and cheese quesadilla which is made with the same process. Because our is kept seperate until you order it, you can pretty much get whatever you want. About the chili sauce, yes we have made it spicier and we encourage people to try the food at the stand and if you wnat more chili or guacasalsa in your food just ask and we can add as much as you want. Lastly, dont forget to ask your collectors card (which doubles as a business card) where you buy ten of anything and get one free of anything. For example buy ten quesadillas and get a free burrito or vice versa. We made it that way because in so many places the collectors cards have so many restrictions that you never bother using it anyway. Anyways, anymore questions just email me eddyburrito@gsasoccer.net. Check out the website where I posted some photos that show the process we use for cooking our food. Thanx



Do yourself a favor… Get one of the many very good photographers on Forumosa to take proper pictures of your food! Offer them free eats in exchange for shots. The descriptions sound great, but the web page/ photos are not what you want to be showing your perspective clients. What you have up online… is crap.

I’m not a food stylist, nor a pro photographer, but I’ll tell you, with the right gear, it’s not hard at all to get shots like this:

Anways, suerte with your project, if I were in Taiwan, I’d hook you up with pics for some of your veggie burros, that’s for damn sure.

I was up there with some friends last night and talked with Eddy about maybe helping him out with some food photography. The food was good, too.