EDIT POST - What is this?

My apologies in advance as this is lkely a very simple question/issue.

I have noticed that whenever I post a comment an “Edit Post” is highlighted in the published version. I initially thought this was due to my short tenure as a participant on Forumosa. That does not not seem to be the case. Can someone provide an explanation of what “Edit Post” is or means and whether I can or should do something to prevent it from appearing on my posts. Thanks to all. I really enjoy the site and find it to be helpful, informative and fun.

simply so you can make changes to your post.

Yep! Click on it and you will be able to perform the advertised action.

It’s mighty handy for correcting spelling errors or even watering down some particularly nasty comment one may have made.

Most regrettably, one cannot edit the drivel posted by others on the site.

We’re working on that, though. Soon all Jimipresley’s posts will be MINE.

Thanks to all for responding to my quite insignificant question. Good crew on this site!