Editing 9 year old threads

Is there much point editing and tinkering with 9 - 10 year old threads? I keep getting notifications that a mod has been tinkering with my posts, and when I look they are from 2014.

What’s up with that?

I could be and likely am wrong here but I get totally random notifications about replies to my posts, and the replies were years ago. I think since the last site upgrade (when the sidebar got added) sumfin dun got fuckered in the notificationz

I think sometimes what happens is an old thread gets bumped, and it’s still useful or entertaining. But the quote tags from back then no longer work, so those posts are a mess, and someone fixes the quoting to make it look better.


Old PhpBB Posts that didn’t convert well to Discourse often display incorrectly. Occasionally @slawa and I fix the quotes to display correctly when a topic is revived.

When these quotes are fixed, they likely send a notification as the quote is ‘new’


Marco’s explanation is on point.

I usually only fix old treads with broken quotes that are getting active again. So new users can read them properly from the beginning.
Getting notified about this is automatic, nothing we can do about it.

Discourse is much more picky about [quote] tags placement than previous software. Fixing them is just making sure they are in a new line by themselves.


And the work is appreciated!


@Marco and @slawa already covered the cause of the edits.

Additionally, changing the topic from “Watching” to “Normal” or “Muted” may help to reduce the number of notifications you get.


Thank you for the replies.