Editing MP3 filename info

I have a bunch of MP3s that I have ripped over the years and one thing that really bugs me is that I have used various ripping tools which has resulted in different naming conventions.

Such as this. One song my be listed as:
ACDC-Back in Black
And the next like this:
All night long ACDC
03 Money Talks

that sort of thing. Is there a good tool to edit this info? Not just the file name itself, but within the MP3 file info is the Genre, Artist, Album etc.

It’s just driving me nuts when I try and search for stuff in iTunes.



I just found the “get info” option in iTunes allows editing of everything but the Name of the MP3.

I used Musicmatch Jukebox for editing filenames and ID3 tags, has a really nice, batch-like functionality, and you can resort the band name and title very conveniently. I had a registered version which came with my IPod, but I am not sure if the unregistered can do it.

If you don’t have a registered Version, we could always do it here. Not a problem.

i use the godfather. it’s brillant. it does everything including batch renaming of mp3s, updating of info, re-encoding etc.

here’s the official desc:

The GodFather is an intelligent MP3 renamer and organizer, that helps you get rid of all those strange MP3 file names and convert them into a consistent name scheme, based on the artist, song, album information etc. contained in the MP3 tag. The program will scan your MP3 folders and automatically suggest candidates for new names, showing you the old and suggested name in the result window. You can then select which files to rename (if any). The GodFather also provides file and folder management and can create entire folder structures based on ID3 tag information. Additional features include create/merge play lists, encode-decode with LAME, export to file, play, freedb.org support and more. Well designed interface.



yeah. there are tools that can do stuff with tags by filename. Like if the filename is

artist - track.mp3 or something

there are tools that can guess and help you with changing them.

If you want to type in the info for each track or bach change stuff like genre, artist, or album (for a group of tracks), iTunes is the fastest. multiple select stuff and choose get info.

control/command n and p will go to next and previous track when you’re editing info.

I heard of that one before. I think I had it installed once but in an early version. I surely need to check it out again.