Education innovation in schools and museums

I’ve lived here for about a year doing remote work for U.S.-based companies involved in education and edtech. But I’m interested in collaborating with schools, museums or edtech companies locally to improve existing learning activities or experiment with new approaches, at least on a part-time basis.

I have heard that schools here aren’t big on innovation. And that it really requires knowing people in the right place to break in to something like this. Still, I feel like it would be a shame not to make some local connections.

Anyone know of connections I should be making or places I should check out? Got a PhD in learning sciences, if that changes anything. Many thanks.

Pretty true on lack of innovation. One idea that comes to mind is create a course to teach teachers hiw to structure and run through your specialties. If there is one thing schools like its making more work for their own. If you have a solid course and it presents well, word of mouth spreads quick here in that field.

Do you speak chinese?

Thanks - interesting idea. I have some experience running courses like this before. My Chinese is conversational. Leading a training session in Chinese would be a stretch, but if I buckled down could be possible in the near future.

Do you have any suggestions on how to approach a school about the idea?

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Honestly, i like to do it outside the box. I go places as a filter for meeting people. The best academic contacts i have made were small easy hiking/nature trips on sunday afternoons. Bring food to share and be social. Regular teachers the same but on tuesdays in a very near and accessible natural place (mountains side not parks). These types tend to be a certain mindset inside the schooling world and will be quite useful. Meeting at bars (not likely), shopping centers, boom stores etc all seem to come out being pretty shallow/hollow contacts. Try meeting people in more meaningful arenas and the outcome long term is often quite beneficial. Generally active healthy are more intelligent and sociable (not egotisticle asses). Health nuts tend to be very much egocentric and arrogant, so i avoid the healthfood vegetarian shops for example. Find out where certain mind sets hang out and aim to get social with people there. In my opinion, this is the best way into a iseful relationship in taiwan.

You might be surprised how forgiving they are here if you are goving a speech/lecture as a westerner. Make it fun (admit youre not perfect) and they all are happy to.come along for the ride. Teachers are especially easy to lead/direct in a lecture usually. I was scared shitless my first lecture here
Gets much easier as they generally sign up cause they are already sold on your topic and/or you. Once confidence evolves, its easy as anything.

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Thanks for all of the great advice, Explant. I will put it to good use.