Educational English Language TV shows for Kids

I have spent the last week fruitlessly seaching online for suitable TV shows for kids, in particular my 8 year old daughter. Sesame St and Dora cartoons are fine for my 4 year old but something a little more mature and educational for my 8 year old seems a little more difficult to track down. Would appreciate suggestions on titles and why you like them.

Thanks in advance.


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Bugs Bunny
Tom & Jerry
Road Runner
Simpsons season 5

Why? They’re fun to watch as a family.

My son, also 8, likes to watch documentaries. Lately, he has also been watching Horrid Henry on CiTV (he was a fan of the books).

If you have an lcd TV, just find some in the great ocean of information we have called the internet and play them on TV using your computer. If that isn’t your game, the Disney channel has some decent shows that teach good values and what not on in the morning. Otherwise, I think you need to go get some DVDs. There is barely any educational TV in Chinese here, let alone English.