Eggs 'n Things Restaurant

Eggs n Things is a Hawaii chain also spread around Japan. This new one in Xinyi is getting terrible reviews. The menu doesn’t look very appealing. Anyone tried?

The prices look insane. I mean, it may be acceptable if you consider the location, tourists, yadda yadda, but holy cow 400nt for pancakes? 280/350 for french toast? 400 for egg benedicts ???

They have lines right now but it will be shut down within 18 months.

I was excited when I saw it was opening, but after seeing the prices and reviews, it’s a hard pass for me.

It is a must go place in Japan, found in all guidebooks/blogs -very Instagrammable.

I have always looked forward to visiting it. Can’t understand why the reviews are so bad here.

About average for fake Western food posh brunch restaurants.

This is in Taiwan? I went to one in Honolulu when I was visiting there a year ago, and I remember it being ‘okay’, but nothing special. Never thought it’d end up on these shores. Why does Taiwan keep importing mediocre chains, but still no Shake Shack in sight? :pensive:

For 100NT I’ll make some nice egg Benedict. For 150NT I’ll also make sure to keep the amount of urine within tolerance.

Yeah, I’ve never gone to one in Japan but the ones I’ve seen there, like the Harajuku one, have crowds waiting to get in first thing on a Sunday morn, lots of wang mei too.

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Lemmings. The food at these trendy import chains are always shittier than the small local holes-in-the-wall run by the mom and pops.

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Those are fading away, sadly.

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Many of these chains are in name only… suspect that’s the case here.

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