Egyptians living in Taiwan


Are there any Egyptians living in Taiwan? Facebook has some accounts but I got no replies from those. Maybe fake accounts although I wouldn’t why would there be any fake accounts.
In any case if you are Egyptian and you live in Taiwan please message me I have some advice I need help with. Thank you.


Date: 2018/06/27

Good luck finding one. :four_leaf_clover:


Some of the shwarma vendors are Egyptian. One in the alley in Ximending off Hankou Street, near Kunming Street has been there forever. Another was down near the Roosevelt Hsinsheng intersection, but I haven’t been down there for a while.


The statistics site of MOE says there are 17 regular students at 11 universities/colleges, and 18 non regular or la gauge students on 5 or 6 schools.


I don’t think many Egyptians are posting here.


28 years and finally I understand why 沙威瑪 is called 沙威瑪.


The priest of the Coptic Church (and his deacon), but check the church’s FB page to make sure he is in Taiwan.


Curious, was this video ever banned in your homeland?


There’s an Egyptian who hangs out at 228 Peace Park in Taipei a lot. He’s often drunk and I don’t think he has a phone or is active online. Go to the park after 8pm on a Tuesday or Wednesday and chances are good that you’ll run into him.


Got a buddy who is Egyptian but he’s never been to Taiwan

Don’t think any forumosan is Egyptian


Bet it’s the unofficial national anthem

I will ask my Egyptian friend