My EHDD seems to be buggered - it’s a Western 80GB, with about 25GBs of tunes and pics on it. This was my back-up, and now it’s buggered up!

I plug it into my PC and the PC reads nothing. Then, a bit of luck, the PC picks it up - I click on its ‘properties’ - it shows there are 0GB of which 0GB are in use :frowning:

It’s been in my bag for the last couple months, experiencing temperatures of up to 40 degrees and humidity of up to 100%, and it’s been through about 6 airport detectors in that time. I know I haven’t dropped it.

Any suggestions? Send it to a data recovery specialist, or is the guy fried? Is there anything I can try at home before I send it to a PC shop (not cheap)?

Your advice please…

How important are the contents? Cos getting that data recovered professionally will cost you an arm and a leg.

Obvious question, but have you tried it out on another computer?

Oh, if you’re considering going the professional route, then don’t even plug the thing in. You’ll only make things worse. If you decide to go the cheap (read “free”) route, then there are other things you can try, but none of them are guaranteed.

You might want to have a look at this thread too: … highlight= but read it all the way through before you decide what to do.