Eight-mile wall of prehistoric paintings of animals and humans is discovered

I’ve seen a few on the Tube, eating Snickers bars and drinking full fat Cokes.


half the things in that cave painting have 2 claws, so no.

…So the two giant two clawed monster instead ?

Might want to have a look at that Giant sloth again. Look at its toes.

I’m wondering where the pic of the Giant Anteater is…Where they not present there ?

Too many small bones?

Yep they liked hunting.


Couldn’t draw for shit though.

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Pretty good by my standards. I reckon me and the guys would get on well. I’d start with my classic hand prints and we would take it from there.

I wonder where all the pressed hams are?


That’s those potentially dead animals all lined up for dinner.
I suspect they liked boasting too.20210111_195139

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I saw it, but what about everything else in that pic has 2 claws. Which would mean its more of a symbol than a realistic representation of something with 2 claws.

I think a giant two toed and two clawed sloth which may rear up to defend itself could be pretty memorable right ?

I’d definitely be putting it in my paintings. Their hands and feet had two prominent toes and claws.

Where ? The artist deliberately seems to have chosen to emphasize two for this distinct animal.

Don;t make me whip out photoshop brian. there is literally one thing in that cave painting that doesn’t have 2 claws. everything else does.

Show me man …Show me. :grin:

The proud hunter.


An amazing place to visit, going on the bucket list.

3500020_CANO serrania-chiribiquete

blue: 2 claws
red: more than 2. as you can see, most things have 2 claws.

This fella though…

Angry sloth!

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looks more like a normal sized sloth

Anyone else feel it is likely not that old? The weathering on it looks like it was just printed.

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Yeah first thought was ‘fake’.