Eisenhower Visits Taiwan June 1960

Can I get tickets?

Got any of MacArthur? He is the most popular American among the older generation.

Nice shots of Ike. He looks damn uncomfortable. Maybe it was that suit…

It was probably 35 degrees.

You can see locals are wearing short sleeves.

Here is Ronald Reagan’s visit to Taipei:

LBJ’s visit to Taipei:

Have to post this glamorous picture of Ronald Reagan’s visit to the Great Wall in 1984:

What nostalgia of a bygone era!

Nixon and CKS in Taipei probably taken around 1959.

Not exactly a warm feeling I’m getting from that shot!

Here is a picture of George Marshall and the first couple:

All these hand shakes and yet still Taiwan remains China’s bitch.

A lot of great pics there, especially the first few. Chiang’s dentures always look great! He must use Polident.

in my opinion, it is in everyone’s best interest (other than china) to maintain taiwan as the israel of asia…