Electric Bill 2007 March Edition

Room shopping, saw a place today with individual power meter(e)s for each room. The room is like 6 ping and has overhead flourescents lights and an A/C unit. For now I will assume a gong yong charge for the common area and the dryer. Based on the older thread I saw on this topics, it looks like my monthly bill for the summer could be like $300 NT/ month. This seems too optimistic. Is this right?

Well, my apartment is a two bedroom job and I never use the AC. My latest electric bill was NT$2187.
I’ve been here for 7 months now and it’s never been less than NT$2000.
My last apartment was one of those shitty one bedroom with a bathroom holes in the floor. The electric bill would hover between NT$700-1500, depending on season and AC usage. I did use AC then, especially in the summer, is it wasn’t very well ventillated.

Sigh sigh sigh. Looks like I should go back to budgeting for $1000NT/month for electricity.

Well, I’m down in Tainan so it might be diffeent up north (although I assume it’s the same island-wide). Also it may vary greatly depending on what your electric usuage is based on, and how much time you spend at home. But I would think NT$1000 may be a safe bet, although, keep in mind the bill comes bi-monthly, so halve my figures above for a monthly rate.

Just wanted to chime in here to say that I found the title of your thread very funny.

I also live in Xindian. Two bedroom place, 2 A/C, summer bill about 1500 NTs more or less (I leave one A/C on all night and one all night and next morning). Winter bill 700-800 (heaters). Otherwise, it’s 200-300 Nts.
We used to live on a sublet (split apartment) on Beixin Road, and the bill there was 2000 to 4000, without A/C. However, we are fairly sure, after comparing with the neighbors and asking around, that there was some kind of foul play going on there, and this was one of the reasons we left.

Thanks. The 2004-2005 vintage thread I was mining for electric bill costs had a funnier title that was something like “My electricity bill is higher than yours…” and I wanted to capture that spirit.

Icon you don’t live up on one of the big Xindian hills do you? Just wondering if you had a geographic edge at heat relief.

Icon dropped $1500NT a month last summer for two bedrooms in a usage pattern similar to what I’ll be using… so I’m going to reasonably project that the glorified closet I looked at yesterday plus common area will come to about $800NT.

Electric bills (at least the ones I pay here in Taipei) are bimonthly; in oter words, they cover two months of electiricity use.

Well, my last bill was around NT$1,150 and that’s for two months with pretty much no AC usage (I think I used it twice) but no heater either. I have a washing machine so I guess that uses up a bit and so does my computer which is nearly always on. This is for a 1 room place with a small bath and kitchen and a tiny semi outdoors area.

Icon you don’t live up on one of the big Xindian hills do you? Just wondering if you had a geographic edge at heat relief.
I’m going to reasonably project that the glorified closet I looked at yesterday plus common area will come to about $800NT

Unfortunately, I don’t, I live next to the MRT, buildings all around. Had some friends over at Bitan, though, and they said the heat in summer there was unbearable (condensation from the lake, I think).
They moved to one of the fancy places on the hills, swimming pool and all (traffic is a bummer, though). Plus cool scenery and even cooler breezes.

IMHO, 800 NTs is OKish for A/C at 17 degrees most of the day. My best bet is 500 for a single person.

A bit off-topic:
For us, Xindian is a lot cheaper in terms of rent and utilities. Six years ago, we paid 35 thousand in rent and 10 thousand in utilities close to Shida.
Some people do not like spending 2000 NTs (average) on transportation per month and about 20 minutes commuting (I’m thinking MRT every day, not taking into account buses). But it beats the alternative (paying thousands in utilities, garbage bags and other stuff you do not really get the full benefit out of).

Eh? Too hot in Bitan? Sounds to me like your friends DON’T LOVE TAIWAN!

Seriously, we live in Bitan and don’t even possess an a/c. We sometimes use a fan when it’s really hot, but otherwise there’s absolutely no need.

After over a year hovering around NT$2000-2500 per 2 months my bill has suddenly gone up to NT$4,500 with no apparent explanation. I don’t have AC and haven’t been using the electric water heater any more than usual. Bah humbug and such.

my electricity bill sometimes reaches 9,000 for two months. I have 3 ACs and I refuse to use cheap fluorescent lighting. I leave my bathroom fan on all the time because I share them with my cats and also the building ventilation system sometimes stinks because people smoke in their bathrooms. I also have ceiling fans, and a washer and dryer. My Taiwanese neighbors think my bill is outrageous, but when I’m back in the states visiting friends and family, it doesn’t seem so bad in comparison. My winter bills are usually around 3 or 4,000. So I win! My electricity bill is the highest here! yeah… :raspberry:

I think it depends on how the landlord does the account. You realize that under one account if you use more electricity they will start charging you like 3.5NT or more per KWH. Some landlords wires like a million units to one account and you end up paying a lot per KWH compared to everyone else.

You do NOT get volume discounts with Taipower… the more you use the more they charge you per KWH.